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Hot Weather AppetizersJust a few of our best summer appetizer recipes to help you get through the dog days of summer and come out grinning like a Cheshire cat…

After all, can you think of a better time for hosts to relax than while sharing a few exquisite bites and a cool drink (or two) with friends and neighbours?

Bon appétit! […]

Summer Cocktails, Summer Mocktails...What are the best summer cocktails and mocktails to serve at your upcoming patio party? Think summer party drinks, and the citrus-y flavors of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit come to mind. Pineapple and coconut bring the beach to the party; a few strawberries, dark cherries, a little ginger, some fresh herbs; a little rum or tequila perhaps… […]

Easy Summer DinnersIf you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for easy summer dinners. Come the hot, lazy days of summer, who wants to spend hours toiling away in the kitchen trying to put decent fare on the table day in and day out? The following summer dinners address a wide range of tastes, and you’ll find the side dishes particularly handy: delicious on their own, they also complement a wide range of main courses. […]

Best Summer SidesSome of the best summer sides for cook outs can also make great meals: coleslaw, pasta and potato salad are delicious on their own, but adding cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, olives or cheese can quickly transform them into a brand new dishes. Simply top with sliced leftover meat or cold cuts for a more substantial meal. […]

tasty dessertsTasty desserts are like an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence – a way to finish a meal on a high note, and a last opportunity to make it truly memorable.

While a stand mixer makes the perfect tool if you happen to be baking for a crowd, it can be overkill when tackling smaller, lighter tasks. Who needs the big guns just to whip a little cream for example? That’s where a hand held mixer comes in handy, whether you simply want to mix a single pie crust or make our No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream! […]

Pumpkin filling delightsThese pumpkin filling recipes are a cinch to make if you have leftover pumpkin pie purée from baking pies – our favorite shortcut for making pumpkin desserts that are healthy with as little fuss as possible.

Tasty as these treats may be, let’s not forget that they are based on homemade pumpkin pie filling made with fresh pumpkin, and that pumpkin is a superfood as well as a good source of fiber. […]

Instant Pot DessertsYou might be surprised by the range of Instant Pot desserts you can cook in this amazing multicooker: puddings, poached fruit, compotes, sorbet, yogurt, bars, cookies, cakes, pies, crepes and even sticky rice! Not only are Instant Pot dessert recipes healthier for you simply because pressure cooking helps retain nutrients, but you’re often left with only one pot to clean… […]

Instant Pot Side DishesThe following Instant Pot side dishes benefit of the inherent properties of this amazing cooker to produce flavor-packed and nutrient-rich, healthy dinner sides you can be proud to serve your family.

Many home cooks love their Instant Pot so much that they have more than one and use them all the time. And they LOVE having only one pot to wash! […]

Instant Pot Pork to Die ForWhether you’re cooking boneless pork chops, a pot roast or carnitas, Instant Pot pressure cooking produces super tasty, healthier results in a fraction of the time.

Try the following Instant Pot pork recipes, and addiction is almost guaranteed! Our Pulled Pork Carnitas alone offer a world of possibilities… […]

Christmas Cookies BakingChristmas cookies are a perfect foil for you to add a note of Holiday spirit to any gathering, whether family, co-workers or school event.

Some of our Christmas cookie recipes are on the laborious side (think cookie decorations), while others make good last-minute options for seasonal gifts or party contributions. Either way, this is the time of year when an electric mixer with paddle attachment can prove invaluable in saving time and maintaining your sanity. 🙂 […]

Christmas DessertsChristmas desserts always hold a special place in our hearts. Whether young or old, no matter how stuffed after all the feasting, we all look forward to this last course. While the following Christmas dessert recipes are guaranteed to bring smiles all around, saving some elbow grease will help maintain your festive spirit.

Our first Christmas cake recipe will bring back a note of nostalgia to any holiday table. With its classic shape, topped with classic buttercream icing and decorated with edible retro light bulbs, this bright and festive cake is also moist and delicious. […]

Decadent Fall DessertsLooking for more robust fall desserts lately? Don’t know about you, but when days get shorter and cool temperatures are nipping at the heels, I start fixating on more satisfying, warm food – including richer desserts. That’s when my faithful electric cake mixer truly shines in the kitchen. Here are a few easy fall dessert recipes that will make a good place starting point. […]

Easy Summer Meals“Oh baby, it’s hot outside… and I don’t feel like cooking!!!” Not to worry, you’re not the only one looking for easy summer meals that require little energy yet taste wonderful.

Nothing says summer like grilled foods, but if you’re not up to firing up the barbecue or if it’s raining, simply plug in your electric grill and go. No one will tell the difference…:) […]

how to make a panini sandwich at homeLearn how to make a panini sandwich, and you will probably never want to eat an ordinary sandwich again. There’s just something about the crunchiness of the bread combined with oozing melted cheese and grilled veggies piled on top of a warm bed of thin-cut meats that just can’t be beat.

Paninis are the perfect answer to a satisfying lunch or a quick mid-week dinner – and with no end to possible combos! […]

Grilled Panini SandwichesMaking grilled cheese or any type of panini sandwich is sooo much simpler if you use a grill sandwich maker. But if you don’t have a dedicated panini press, you can use a grill pan coupled with a heavy cast iron skillet as a press for very similar results.

Panini are a favorite option of mine for a quick lunch or light dinner, but what I love most about them is that there are literally no limits to sandwich recipes you can come up with. Simply let your imagination run loose and combine flavors that go well together. Between breads, cheeses, meats, vegetables and condiments, you will never run out of options. Here a few panini ideas to get you started. […]

Refreshing Summer Salad IdeasHere are a few summer salad ideas you can take inspiration from when it just gets too hot to cook. Summer is short, so there’s no time to lose if you are going to take advantage of the abundance of fresh produce available.

Without further ado, let’s start with the perfect hot weather combination: fruit and salad greens. Nothing like fresh fruit to provide a little sweetness and brighten up mundane salad ingredients. […]

Easy Homemade Soup RecipesEnjoy the following easy homemade soup recipes and reap the benefits of fresh garden produce whether grown in your own garden or bought from your farmers’ market. Blended soups are be one of the quickest and tastiest ways to put healthy lunches or dinner starters on the table. Make sure you allow the soup to cool first before blending, unless you are using a hot soup blender like the Vitamix to speed up the process. […]

Summer Dinner RecipesIt’s always a good idea to have a collection of good summer dinner recipes on hand for when the heat takes its toll and you don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen. Whether planning on a simple dinner for two or entertaining a crowd, you want mouth-watering dishes that feature fresh summer fare and taste scrumptious. […]

Fun drinks for summerThere’s nothing like a bevy of refreshing drinks to put the pep back in your step on a hot summer day. If you’re entertaining, consider adding a little extra flair to dinner or even a backyard party: offer a selection of good summer drinks and watch the invigorating effects on your guests.

Playing host or hostess doesn’t have to break the bank either. Keep your drinks non alcoholic, or just add a little splash of alcohol. Better yet, play with herbal and fruity flavor pairings and create your own delightful combos. Then watch them lining up for your next party! […]

Super Bowl Menu Ideas & TipsWho says you can’t hold a good party once the Holidays are over? Super Bowl Sunday seems perfectly timed to celebrate. The trick is to plan ahead and get as much done as possible as early as you can. First on the list is deciding what you are going to be serving: a formal dinner with everyone gathered around the table, or a more casual seating arrangement? […]