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Black Icing for Halloween

Make black icing for HalloweenSure, you can expedite the whole thing and simply purchase pre-made black icing from your nearest baking store.

But why take the risk and more than likely end up ruining the taste of your baked goodies?

Making truly black icing is no easy feat, but here’s a simple way to achieve a dark, evil looking icing for your next Halloween masterpieces without compromising taste.

Bats, cat & hats – Booo!

Getting Dark & Gelling

Make sure you start with a dark chocolate icing. This definitely will not work with a light icing so, if you are starting with a vanilla icing, simply add 3/4 cup of cocoa powder to a full recipe – the darker, the better.

Actually, the same thing applies when you want to paint a dark wall: start with a dark primer, and you’re likely to only need one coat of dark paint instead of two or three.

Using a toothpick, add black coloring gel; Wilton’s Icing Gel is well known. You will only need a small amount or it will affect taste. Your icing will turn a sickly looking dark grey perfect for the effect you want to achieve. It is widely used by cake decorators as it will not change the consistency of your icing.

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