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Blender vs Juicer

Blender vs JuicerWhen I decided to start juicing to give my health a boost in the right direction, I questioned whether I should get a blender or a juicer. I spent a considerable amount of time researching juicing machines, so that I could settle the ‘blender vs juicer’ battle going on in my mind and address which particular small appliance would best meet my particular needs.

There are quite a few brands and models to choose from, and not all will satisfy your particular requirements. I was surprised to learn for example that, if you want to juice for health reasons, only a select few juicers are designed to produce healthy juices that will support your goals.

Or maybe you want a juicer or a blender that produces a thicker kind of juice, something with more substance like a smoothie for pure enjoyment. Whatever you are looking for, the last thing you want to do is waste your hard earned money on an appliance that disappoints. That goes for me too, specially when it comes to making a decision that will affect my health!

I have had serious health issues practically all my life and with a lot of research, I have been able to find products to help me get better. I have even managed to get rid of really bad allergies without resorting to medication.

So when I discovered the amazing health benefits of juicing, I worked that keyboard and came up with the best juicers to get the job done.

Don’t worry: for those of you who prefer a thick smoothie to enjoy on a hot day, I also cover some top performing blenders and reveal which rise to the top of the class. I have put together some useful tips that will help you make an informed decision whether a juicer or a blender is best for you, and which model will best meet your requirements.

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