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Halloween Desserts with Anna Olson

Halloween desserts with Anna OlsonWithout a doubt, Halloween desserts are the most looked forward part of a Halloween meal. Sure, candy and costumes are the highlight of the day, but trick-or-treating is no fun on an empty stomach.

The thing is, desserts are time consuming to prepare – specially when decoration is involved. And this special day certainly gives Christmas a run for its money on that score.

But Halloween is almost here, so there’s no time to lose! Which is why I am going to let Anna Olson take over with her wagon load of inspiration for Halloween goodies.

First, some cakelets made to look like suckers to amuse the kids:

Witches’ Cauldron Cake Pops

Creepy Halloween Desserts: Spider Macarons

Who doesn’t love biting into a sweet, softly crunchy macaroon? Certainly no one I know of. So why not surprise the adults with super tasty, sophisticated – if slightly creepy – macaroon spiders. My very favorites!

Bundt Cake Disguised as a Pumpkin

Here’s a simple to make centerpiece made from two bundt cakes. Not only delicious, but this pumpkin will literally ‘make’ your Halloween table.

Batty Chocolate Mint Cheesecake

Feeling a little batty and prepared to go out on a limb? Combine silly and delicious in this stunning slimy cheesecake.

Have a ball baking with Anna!

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