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Halloween Spaghetti Nightmare

Creepy Halloween SpaghettiIf your family is into pasta, why not surprise them with freshly homemade Halloween spaghetti – with a twist? How about adding a couple of oozing eyeballs to each plate?

If nothing else, they’ll learn to give you a little ‘rispetto’ around creepy holidays. 😉

But kidding apart, wouldn’t that make a delightful Halloween dinner and break the monotony while infusing a little holiday humor into an otherwise pretty gloomy time of the year?

Let’s get started, shall we?[…]

Halloween Wiener Worms

Wiener worms for a little creepinessWho doesn’t love a great hot dog, or maybe wieners for a quick, easy meal that tastes awesome? When you’re rushed for time, they are a perfect go-to solution that the whole family can enjoy.

But how about giving the traditional wiener a Halloween twist and turning it into creepy crawlers – worms to be more specific. That is sure to gross out just about everybody.

Arm yourself with enough ‘worms’ for each person, and let your imagination run loose.[…]

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