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Storing Your Small Electric Cooker

storing your small electric cookerOne of the first considerations people seem to have when they think about buying a small electric cooker is: where am I going to store it?

And that’s a fair question, because these small appliances are mostly associated with cooking things like stews, chilies and soups – mostly meals that are served during cold seasons.

But once you start using an electric cooker, you soon realize that there are a multitude of dishes that can be prepared easily and/or quickly depending on whether you are cooking with an instant pot or crockpotting.

Sure, they help you save on electricity, but another benefit is that they do not heat up the kitchen like cooking with a stove would. And that is a major advantage during the hot summer months. The kitchen remains cooler, and the air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard.

Whether slow cooking a pot roast, poaching eggs, cooking oatmeal or pressure cooking baked potatoes (in 12 minutes) to accompany some lovely grilled steaks, you don’t need to break a sweat. There are so many tasks you can entrust to electric cooking pots so you can entertain and stay cool as a cucumber.

Crock pot cooking makes it so easy to entertain in the backyard: just set up a serving station and let guests help themselves. Another big plus is that with a portable crock pot, you can stylishly contribute to a potluck dinner without worrying about mishaps.

Rice dishes are light and welcome even at the height of summer, but an electric rice cooker can do so much more than rice! How about making sushi or porridge for breakfast – or using it to steam vegetables or fish?

And Instant Pot baking can take care of dessert just as efficiently. Add a special insert, and you can have a cheesecake or a flan cooking above a main dish!

Sure, small electric cookers are priceless during the holidays as they free up space in the oven and on the stove, but they can hold their own year round. Use them once or twice, and they suddenly become indispensable. They deserve to be proudly displayed right on your countertop.

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