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Tips for Baking Easy Healthy Cookies

Easy healthy cookiesHere are some tips for making easy healthy cookies at the drop of a hat, whether for everyday snacking, for an organization you are supporting, or for a cookie exchange.

Holidays in particular are a challenge as most desserts associated with them are filled with sugar and fats that translate into calories. Not helpful when you are trying to live healthier…

Lowering the fat content, substituting an ingredient for a healthier alternative, or simply reducing the size of your cookies can help.

Healthy Oils

Shortening and vegetable oil are common ingredients in cookie dough. Try substituting healthier fats like coconut oil, olive oil, or canola oil.

Sweet Dates to the Rescue

A simple way to reduce the amount of sugar in your cookies is to puree some dates and add to your cookies instead. Dates will incorporate a mild, nutty fruit flavor.

…and Dark Chocolate Too!

Chocolate chip cookies easily top the favorite cookies list any time, but you won’t have to go without them if you just switch from light to dark chocolate chips instead. Not only is it lower in fat and calories, but dark chocolate has long been known to be filled with antioxidants – early Mayans knew that- so you are actually eating healthy. It’s not often that you can satisfy your sweet tooth and feel good about it!

Go Small

Mixing a healthy cookie dough is great, but there’s one last trick you can use to make your cookies even healthier: make them smaller! That’s right, just roll your dough flatter – no one will even notice.

By reducing portion sizes, you increase the number of cookies produced for each batch, so you have less baking to do. And no one will realize that the half dozen cookies they normally eat somehow is not weighing them down as much as usual…!