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Best Blender Juicer Combo

Blender Juicer ComboOur selection for the best blender juicer combo may well prove the perfect solution if you are challenged for space or don’t want to splurge on two separate countertop appliances.

Thankfully, our Aussie friends have solved the problem by coming up with the bluicer… not kidding!

Breville defines ‘bluice’ as “the addition of fresh juice into a blended mix” which is made possible through a combination of kinetic blending and cold spin juicing. In truth, a little food processing got thrown in for good measure.

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Breville Bluicers: an Intro

Breville bluicers may well be new on the market, but these clever innovative small appliances have a brilliant future ahead, assuming glowing reviews continue growing. Take notice: these new sous-chefs are well worth your attention as they quickly elbow their way into the kitchen.

Using one base and one space-saving pulp bin cheekily hiding behind the appliance, this blender juicer combination operates in two modes:
.in cold spin* juicing mode, process whole fruit and veggies and extract fresh juice into the blending jug;
.in kinetic blending mode, use one-touch programs to mix fresh juice with fruits, vegetables or ice and create endless healthy mixes.

Bluicers even dip a toe into food processing to fold and aerate for creamy smoothies and soups, as well as crush and chop ice turning it into snow for frappes, slushies, cocktails, etc.

*With Cold Spin technology®, insignificant heat transfer (less than 1.8°F) occurs as juice flows up and through the mesh filter encased stainless steel cutting disc, allowing for better nutrient preservation and enabling you to create healthier, flavour-packed juices out of fresh ingredients.

Components common to both models:
.50oz (1.5L) blending jug & lid (dishwasher safe)
.3.2qt pulp container (dishwasher safe)
.Juicing nozzle to juice directly into a cup (dishwasher safe)
.3.5″ extra wide feed chute
.Filter basket cleaning brush

Both models are also compatible with the Vac Q vacuum pump which can be purchased separately to improves texture, colours and even flavours for some of your mixes: smoother smoothies, creamier spreads, silkier soups, lighter milkshakes, etc.

Breville 3X Bluicer Pro BJB815

Breville 3X Bluicer Pro blendingBrushed Stainless Steel housing
Dimensions: 15.7″W x 14.2″D x 17.7″H
Power: 1100 W
10 speed settings
5 one-touch programs:
. Green Smoothie
. Smoothie
. Pulse/Ice Crush
. Auto Clean
. Frozen Cocktail

Find out more about the Pro BJB815 here.

Breville 3X Bluicer BJB615

Breville 3X Bluicer juicingSmoked Hickory ABS housing
Dimensions: 15.7″W x 16.1″D x 17.8″H
Power: 1000 W
5 speed settings
4 one-touch programs:
. Smoothie
. Pulse/Ice Crush
. Auto Clean
. Frozen Cocktail

Find out more about the BJB615 here.

What to Make with a Bluicer?

juicer and blender comboWhy would you want to bluice in the first place? Simple: vibrant, smooth fresh juice greatly enhances the flavour and texture of blended mixes like nothing else can. Here are some Breville recipe ideas at your fingertip for exquisite entertaining, a quick breakfast or a healthy lunch:

App’ocado Spice
Basil Berry
Beet the Blues
Orange and Mango Slushie
Strawberry Orange Margarita
Vodka Pearadise

Bowls: Acai Beet & Berry, Berry Mint, Green Coconut, Mango Melba
Smoothies: Berry Mint, Raspberry Pear & Vanilla, Green Smoothie Blast, Beetroot & Ginger Green, Mango Vanilla & Chia, Tropical Green
Shakes: Superfood, Summer Peach

Good Morning Sunshine
Bloody Mary
Blues Beets
Cool As A Cucumber
Orange You Happy
Peach & Mint Julep
Green Zinger
Purple Haze

…clearly, these guys know how to party – Happy bluicing!

Not convinced that a bluicer is for you? You may want to take a look at Breville’s best blenders, including a short review of the Vac Q Vacuum accessory.

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