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Ninja Kitchen System Reviews

Ninja Kitchen System ReviewsBased on the number of enthusiastic Ninja Kitchen System reviews around, it is no wonder everyone wants to find out more about this little magician.

The idea behind this Ninja blending system is to equip the Ninja blender with food processor functionality, enabling it to make smoothies, frozen drinks, chopped mixtures AS WELL AS dough – while occupying as little countertop space as possible.

Rabbit out of a hat… or mirror and smoke?

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Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ BN801

Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ BN801Featuring a modern streamlined black and stainless steel exterior, the Ninja blender BN801 hides a powerful 1400-watt motor base; its pitcher and blending cups are made of BPA-free plastic. It measures 17.64”H x 9.96”W x 7.52”D and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. A recipe inspiration guide is included to help you get started. Blades, pitcher, single-serve cup and processor bowl are all dishwasher safe.

Blending Capacity

The Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-IQ includes a 72oz/9-cup Total Crushing pitcher with lid and stacked blade assembly, as well as two 24oz single-serve blending cups (8 ounces larger than the BL205) with spout lids and Pro extractor blades assembly.

Food Processing Capacity

Versatility is greatly increased through the addition of a 64oz/8-cup precision processor bowl (24 ounces larger than the BL205) with lid and chopping blade assembly, allowing you to easily make dressings, purees and more in this Ninja food processor bowl. In addition, a dough blade assembly can tackle up to 2 pounds of dough.

Ninja Auto IQ Function

With Auto IQ functionality, Ninja transfers control to the appliance: you are tasked with pushing the right button, and no matter your request, the Ninja Kitchen System will deliver perfection!

Five pre-set programs enable you to create smoothies, frozen drinks, chopped mixtures and dough at the touch of a button:
*Smoothie: using cup or pitcher, make super-smooth, sippable drinks and shakes using fresh or frozen fruit, liquids, and ice;
*Ice Crush: using cup or pitcher, blend ice, juices, and fruit into frozen drinks;
*Extract: use with single cup for “nutrient extractions” from tough, leafy or fibrous whole fruits and vegetables (including skins, seeds and stems);
*Chop: use timed pulses and pauses with processor bowl for consistent chopping results;
*Dough: use with processor bowl to create delicious dough for pizza, bread and baked goods.

Manual Programs

Four manual programs add functionality, allowing you to easily control your blending speeds:
*Low, Medium, High: each speed will run for 60 seconds and then shut off (according to Customer Service and contrary to the user manual which indicates that the unit will not turn off until you turn it off);
*Pulse: Use short or long presses to control pulsing and blending results.

Pros & Cons

Most buyers appreciate their Nutri Ninja blender with Auto IQ for its functionality, high performance, good quality, and the fact that it is easy to clean, though some users have reported that cracks have formed in their plastic pitcher.

The idea behind the original Ninja Pulse technology was to simplify food processing by making it more intuitive, i.e. putting power and speed in your hands and allowing you full control – in other words, no buttons to fuss with. And so the following two models were born.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL205

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL205The Ninja Kitchen Pulse system is designed to combine the functions of many different kitchen appliances into one to make this basic blender as functional and valuable as possible. Perfect for making delicious smoothies and frozen drinks, this small appliance is so versatile that it can also knead pizza dough, mix cookie dough, puree fresh baby food, juice fruit and vegetables, as well as crush ice into snow for kids’ slushies… and really interesting adult drinks! With a 700-watt motor base, the BL205 Ninja Kitchen Pulse blender (12.5”H x 8.2”W x 14”D) will not use up a lot of your counter space; it comes with a one-year warranty.

Blending Capacity

Four 16oz single-serve blending cups with travel lids and one blade assembly allow everyone to customize their drink to their own taste. No more protests because someone just does not feel like a strawberry smoothie that day. A unique recipe book with over 150 delicious recipes for drinks, salsa, ice cream, doughs and more will keep you coming back to the Ninja.

Food Processing Capacity

The 40oz processing bowl of the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL205 will provide more than enough room to mix up whatever concoction your heart desires. This Ninja Kitchen System also comes with a 4-blade assembly slicer/shredder attachment which allows you to turn this appliance into a truly effective food processor.

Pros and Cons

Excellent Functionality: this is one of the most versatile blenders you can buy today which can easily take care of a number of tasks including making smoothies, crushing ice for frozen drinks, processing fresh ingredients, and even kneading dough. The fact that individual drinks can be blended directly into the serving cups increases its functionality.
A Crowd Pleaser: the four single serve cups and Ninja Kitchen System recipes book will help keep everyone healthy while maintaining peace.
Easy to Clean: extremely easy to clean as everything except for the base is dishwasher safe.
Speed: life is hectic and we don’t have time to hang around waiting for ages for our blender to get the job done. The Ninja Kitchen System pulse blender got the memo.
Recipe Book: this is a great way to get you started with your new multi-purpose blender and it comes with heaps of excellent recipes.

On the other hand:
. you may find that you have to cut down some recipes as the 40oz processing bowl may not be large enough for the full recipe;
. some recipes like making peanut butter will be better handled by a dedicated food processor;
. people have commented that the 40oz bowl is not as effective at blending fruit and vegetables as the individual cups, leaving chunks behind and not breaking down seeds effectively unless you are willing to turn your smoothie to pure froth;
. the 700-watt power can make it difficult to control the final product when working with some doughs or vegetables;
. labelling the Ninja a juicer might also be farfetched: if you enjoy clear juices, this blender just won’t do. Only a masticating juicer will produce truly healthy juice, as the blade action of any blender will simply destroy the enzymes in your juice.

The Small Ninja Blender BL204

Small Ninja Blender BL204In contrast, the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204) also comes with a 700-watt motor base but only two 16oz single-serve blending and drinking cups with lids and a single serve blade set, as well as the above 40oz Ninja food processor attachment with lid and locking handle.

It also has a plastic cookie dough paddle and a dough blade, but no 4-blade assembly for the 40oz bowl, and no recipe book. This smaller BL204 model is now being favored over the larger BL205.

If space is at a premium in the kitchen, or you simply want to expedite week day morning breakfasts, the Ninja blending system is a blessing. And think of the wonderful slushies you can make for both kids and adults. For these reasons alone, it might be worth adding the Ninja System to your kitchen even if you already own a blender.


1400 watts: BN801
700 watts: BL205, BL204

Blending Pitcher
72oz: BN801

Blending Cups
24oz: BN801 (2)
16oz: BL205 (4), BL204 (2)

Processing Bowl
64oz: BN801
40oz: BL205, BL204

Auto IQ: BN801 (5)
Manual: BN801 (4)

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