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Omega VRT350 Juicer

Omega VRT350 JuicerA relatively new comer on the juicing circuit, the Omega VRT350 juicer offers a truly golden opportunity: the choice to live mindfully and promote a healthier body each and every day. Simply by doing what it does best, the VRT350 empowers you to provide your body with a quick but powerful, healthy glass of fresh vegetable or fruit juice to get started on the right foot.

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If you plan to start juicing for health reasons, you want to ensure that the maximum amount of phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved in the process. And for that purpose, you won’t find better than the VRT350 juicer.

Rather than using centrifugal force which oxidizes the juice, this juicer’s single auger does not grind but rather squeezes the juice out of items at a low 80 RPM. Not only does this process help retain the natural taste of the juice and preserve its color, but it also means that the juice produced by the Omega juicer Vrt350 can be stored without degradation for a maximum of 72 hours.

The efficient design of the Omega VRT350 single-gear masticating juicer produces the most amount of juice with the driest pulp in its class, in other words you don’t keep throwing good money down the drain.

No need to worry whether this little juicer will last. The auger which squeezes all that juice out is made of heavy-duty GE ULTEM, making it 8 times stronger than other single-auger juicers. And the juicing screen can take anything you throw at it as it too is built of the same material.

Is the Omega Vrt350 Juicer For You?

healthy Omega vert juicer VRT350Feeding the beast is an effortless process as the Omega Vrt350 has been endowed with a larger vertical chute. Just drop produce in and watch it disappear.

The VRT350 also ejects the pulp into a pulp container as you go along, so you don’t have to stop operations continuously to empty a filter basket. “Excellent and I mean it can’t be beat” reports a satisfied owner.

A few people have commented that they have a slight clogging issue when juicing wheatgrass or other fibrous greens like celery stalks but have found a way around it by chopping those items before putting them in the machine.

But it doesn’t stop there. This little juicer is also easy to clean. “I can juice 24 or more ounces of juice, from opening the fridge door to putting the pieces back into the cabinet in under 10 minutes”, brags another juicer. Efficient, easy to use and easy to clean – it can’t get any better, right?

Omega Vert350: The Little Juicer That Can

Omega VRT350 slow masticating juicerWell actually, it does. Whether you like to juice fruit, veggies, leafy greens, or even wheatgrass, this juicer has got it handled, all without creating much of a fuss. The Vrt350 is so quiet you can listen to the radio, watch TV or even hold a phone conversation while you’re working. No rude awakenings for the rest of the household either!

All that without hogging a huge amount of space on your countertop due to its vertical design. Plus its satin silver and black finish looks sleek and won’t show stains from carrot or beet juicing like a white juicer would.

Omega has been listening to what people want first and foremost from their juicer: ease of use, ease of cleaning, and a sturdy appliance that will last and give value for money while producing top quality juice. “I grin with amazement every time I use it” comments an enthusiastic user – and so do I! No doubt, the Omega VRT350 is a clear winner on all fronts.

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