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KitchenAid Attachments

KitchenAid AttachmentsKitchenAid attachments can transform your stand mixer into a veritable Swiss army knife in seconds, allowing you to quickly and easily cook for an army (couldn’t resist) without a whole platoon 😉 of small appliances cluttering up your work space.

Plus you don’t need a pantry to store your little helpers until you need them again. Flexibility, efficiency, ergonomics – what’s there not to like?

Let’s take a closer look at the various attachments whose sole purpose is to strengthen the bond between you and your KitchenAid stand mixer.

FGA & Related Items

Various relatives of the FGA Food Grinder have shown up over the years to make this attachment one of the most popular and versatile tools savvy home cooks love to stash away in their cupboards.

FGA KitchenAid Grinder attachment

A. FGA Food Grinder

.two grinding plates (one fine and one coarse)
.grind worm
.securing ring
.hard wood stomper/wrench

Use the fine grinding plate for meats and the coarse plate for firm vegetables or cheese to make burgers, meatloaf, breadcrumbs, salsa or grate hard cheese.

B. Made exclusively to work with the FGA

SSA Sausage Stuffer1. SSA Sausage Stuffer
.3/8″ stuffing tube for breakfast and other smaller sausages
.5/8″ stuffing tube for larger varieties (Bratwurst, Italian, Polish)

Make your own healthy sausage mix and know exactly what you are eating whether for breakfast, barbecue, sausage patties and more.

2. FVSP Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Parts
FVSP Fruit & Vegetable Strainer PartsIncludes:
.strainer cone
.strainer tray
.splash shield

3. FVSFGA Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Set
FVSFGA Fruit & Vegetable Strainer SetIncludes:
.FGA food grinder
.FVSP fruit & vegetable strainer parts (above)

The Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Set makes a great complement to the Food Grinder. Apple sauce, jam & jelly, sauces, baby food can be done in a snap compared to the time it would take to do everything by hand.

C. FGA Attachment Packs

1. FPPA Attachment Pack 1
FPPA Attachment Pack 1Includes:
.FGA food grinder
.FVSP fruit & vegetable strainer parts
.RVSA rotor slicer & shredder
-2 slicing cones (thick, thin)
-2 shredding cones (fine, coarse)

Make apple sauce, salsa, breadcrumbs, shred cheese, slice, strain or puree fruit and vegetable – the possibilities are endless.

KGSSA Attachment Pack 22. KGSSA Attachment Pack 2
.FGA food grinder
.RVSA rotor slicer & shredder
.SSA sausage stuffer

Grind raw meat or vegetables for homemade sausage, shred cheese or slice vegetables.

KN12AP Attachment Pack 33. KN12AP Attachment Pack 3
.FGA food grinder
.FT food tray
.SSA sausage stuffer
.JE citrus juicer

Four components come together for increased versatility. Attach the food tray to the food grinder, and you are able to grind larger quantities of vegetables for salsa or raw meat for homemade sausage using the sausage stuffer. Add the citrus juicer and create marinades or sauces in a cinch.

Other Popular KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments

KitchenAid spiralizers have opened up a new window of possibilities for those who put an emphasis on cooking healthy and are quickly gaining in popularity.

A) KSM1APC Spiralizer

KSM1APC SpiralizerIncludes:
.4 Spiralizing/Slicing blades:
-Fine spiralizing blade
-Medium spiralizing blade
-Spiral slicing blade with 12 mm corer
-Spiral slicing blade with 23 mm corer
.Peeling blade
.Fruit and vegetable skewer

B) KSM2APC Spiralizer Plus

KSM2APC Spiralizer PlusIncludes:
.3 Spiralizing blades:
-Extra Fine spiralizing blade
-Fine spiralizing blade
-Medium spiralizing blade
.3 Slicing blades:
-Slicing blade (Large core)
-Slicing blade (Small core)
-Thin slice (Small core)
.Peeling blade
.Fruit and vegetable skewer

Let your creative juices flow and reinvent classic recipes while making them healthier: spaghetti carbonara made with spiralized sweet potatoes, or zucchini linguine perhaps. This stand mixer attachment is so much fun everyone wants to get involved – even the kids!

And spiralized fruit and veggies are so appetizing, no one can resist…

C) KICA Ice Cream Maker

KICA Ice Cream MakerIncludes:
.Freeze bowl
.Freeze bowl adapter ring
.Drive assembly

Hugely popular, the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment lets you create all sorts of frozen desserts with minimal fuss. Nothing more refreshing than an ice cold sorbet to end a summer meal on the patio, or a ‘grown up’ ice cream (just add a hint or two of liqueur) for a touch of refinement. You’ll grow a fan club in no time…

D) JE Citrus Juicer

JE Citrus Juicer attachmentIncludes:
.heavy-duty aluminum shaft
.strainer basket catches seeds and pulp as it extracts juice from the reamer

Quickly juice limes, lemons, oranges or grapefruit straight into your container of choice – no fuss, no muss!

E) KSMVSA Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder

KSMVSA Fresh Prep Slicer/ShredderIncludes:
.3mm Slicing blade for cucumbers, carrots, celery, zucchini
.4mm Medium Shredding blade for cheeses and firm vegetables
.6mm Coarse Shredding blade for shredding cabbages, potatoes, etc.
.2-in-1 Food Pusher for both large and small diameter fruit and vegetables
.storage case

The KSMVSA Fresh Prep Slicer & Shredder is quickly replacing the RVSA and becoming the attachment of choice for prepping vegetables for salads, side dishes or entrees. Shred cheese for pizza, pasta or tacos, or vegetables for slaw or stir fry.

F) KSM2FPA Food Processor + Dicing Kit

KSM2FPA Food Processor + Dicing KitIncludes:
.slicing disc
.shredding disc
.julienne disc
.dice disc

This newer model of the KitchenAid Food Processor attachment also comes with a wide feed tube and the exclusive ExactSlice System, but a new dicing disc has been added for much increased versatility. Slice, shred, julienne and dice fruit, veggies and hard cheeses to your heart’s content!

KGM All Metal Grain Mill

G) KGM All Metal Grain Mill

KitchenAid’s Grain Mill attachment may not be as widely in demand as its competitors, but home millers are wildly enthusiastic about the 12 grind levels which allow them to easily mill low-moisture grains (fresh wheat, corn, oats, rye, rice, buckwheat) so they can cook from scratch. Once you have tasted the difference between homemade bread with freshly milled flour versus store bought, you will never go back.

It is also easy to clean: just brush it with the small brush included in the kit and, if needed, wash by hand – not in the dishwasher.

…& Some Not So Popular

RVSA Rotor Slicer & Shredder

A) RVSA Rotor Slicer & Shredder

.2 slicing cones (thin & thick)
.2 shredding cones (fine & coarse)

The RVSA is included in the KSMVSA (above) which is quickly replacing this older version.

B) KSM1JA Masticating Juicer & Sauce

KSM1JA Masticating Juicer & SauceExtra Wide Feed Tube and Stainless Steel Slicing Blade To accommodate various sizes of soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables with less prep work

.3 Pulp screens
.Waste container

This Masticating Juicer & Sauce attachment allows for nutrient-rich extraction of juice from fruit and vegetables (whether soft, hard or leafy) by first slicing and then processing them to make low or high pulp juices, sauces and jams.

C) KSM1FPA Food Processor

KSM1FPA Food ProcessorIncludes:
.slicing disc
.shredding disc
.julienne disc

Slice, shred and julienne fruit, vegetables and hard cheeses – but be aware that this attachment does not allow you to dice! A dicing disc has been added to the KSM2FPA Food Processor attachment above to fill the gap…

While it is hard to deny that the KitchenAid Food Grinder, Spiralizer and Ice Cream Maker have done their best to hog the limelight, it is fair to say that other attachments have also received their fair share of kudos.

Let's CookMost KitchenAid mixer attachments have been receiving great reviews over the years, and KitchenAid has been quick to react and make improvements when needed.

Many home chefs love using their KitchenAid mixer as the hub of their cooking adventures and appreciate the ease with which they can switch from one activity to the next with a mere change of attachment.

Plus these attachments require minimal storage space.

So go ahead, let your imagination soar! The possibilities are truly endless.

Can’t live without pasta? Not to worry, pasta heaven awaits…

Read all about KitchenAid pasta attachments here.

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