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Choosing the Perfect Dough Mixer for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Perfect Dough MixerWhen choosing a dough mixer, you are likely to run across two major types, and you will need to select between a pizza dough mixer and a bread dough mixer. Once you decide which one of those small appliances you want for your kitchen, you are then faced with another dilemma: do you purchase a commercial or a residential model? Here is what you need to remember to ensure that you choose the perfect dough mixer for your kitchen.

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The Best Pizza Dough Mixer

The quality of your bread can make or break your pizza. You can use the freshest produce, make your pizza sauce from homegrown tomatoes and herbs picked from your garden and select the choicest cuts of meat. But if your pizza crust and dough is average or worse, then so is your pizza.

Best Pizza Dough MixerThe best pizza dough mixer combines ingredients evenly. It does not overmix or over-beat your dough, and while there are manual pizza dough mixers, the best way to go is electric for consistency, ease of use and speed.

Commercial pizza dough mixers are liable to cost you $1000 or more. That is because they are specifically made to do this one job. If you are just shopping for home use, consider a versatile stand mixer like the KitchenAid KSM150PSER mixer Artisan series with pouring shield, 325-watt model.

A LOT of product owners have made it crystal clear how delighted they were with their mixer. Plus there are over 40 colors to choose from, and the large 5-quart stainless steel bowl can mix pizza dough, bread dough, cake batter, pancake batter and just about anything else you need to mix. What more can you ask for?

The Best Bread Dough Mixer

Best Bread Dough MixerIf you are shopping for a great bread dough mixer, remember that you need a strong motor if you are going to be making whole grain bread. As is the case with a pizza dough mixer, you just want to find a quality stand mixer. Countertop or tabletop stand mixers are incredibly versatile, and can whip up pizza and bread dough equally as well.

Once again KitchenAid is up to the task. The KitchenAid KP26M1PSL Professional 600 Series 6-Quart stand mixer makes a great bread dough kneader. It is frequently one of the bestselling stand mixers on Amazon, and is offered in 8 different colours. It comes with a 6-quart stainless steel bowl, powerful 575-watt motor, 10 speed controls and a burnished power-powerful knead spiral dough hook that is perfect for mixing bread dough.

Residential Sherman Tanks

KitchenAid Professional commercial mixerIt is well known that a powerful coated dough hook a.k.a. dough kneader is at the core of all KitchenAid bread mixers, but if you are baking for a small army, you may want to consider a mixer with a High Efficiency DC motor strong enough to handle large amounts of heavy, sticky dough. You might want to take a look at KitchenAid Professional commercial mixers and find out what they can do for you.

The Best Pizza / Bread Dough Mixer?

Honestly, the advances in stand mixers mean you can purchase either one of the above products and efficiently make great tasting pizza dough and loaves of bread. They are all extremely versatile, carry a mid-range price tag for their product category, look great in your kitchen and can last for years of delicious use.

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