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Let’s face it, today’s hectic lifestyle makes it hard to do without some shortcut when it comes to re-heating, cooking or grilling. Thankfully, various small ovens such as microwave and toaster ovens were invented to make our lives easier and more stress free. Our research is here to help inform your decisions.

Best Large Toaster Ovens

Best large toaster ovensLarge toaster ovens were quick to gain popularity, but did you know that they have become one the most used kitchen appliances? There are a number of reasons for that: many integrate convection for greater efficiency, plus improved functionality means increased versatility.

Ask any owner, and they’ll quickly point out that these little marvels are to quick to preheat, saving on electricity while not heating up the kitchen – much appreciated in the summer months![…]

Microwave Ovens: Countertop & Built-In

Microwave Ovens Countertop Built InConsidering a built-in microwave, perhaps sometime down the road? No need to wait: out of our six best countertop microwaves, two can easily be transformed into built ins with the help of dedicated trims. Yes, the C.I.A. first had a hand in whipping them into top shape…

While microwaving is perfect for warming up leftovers or a quick cup of coffee, let’s not forget that microwave ovens can also be used to cook grains like rice, oatmeal or quinoa, pasta, meat, fish, stews, frozen dinners, veggies whether fresh, canned or frozen – they even make popcorn![…]

Microwaving Food Made Easy

Microwaving Food Made EasyThe thought of microwaving food raises all sorts of questions, mostly out of concern about contents blowing up and creating a mess. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered here. And how about using the proper BPA-free microwave accessories? Let’s just say our friends Down Under are a big help…

Sure, microwave ovens are super convenient to quickly reheat a cup of coffee or some leftovers, but they are also highly efficient at cooking breakfast, snacks and even dinner in no time at all. How about eggs and bacon on a rushed morning, or a big bowl of healthy popcorn to enjoy while watching TV?[…]

Microwaving Q&As

Microwaving Q&AsUnsure about buying or using a microwave? Let our microwaving Q&As put your fears to rest and clarify some basic points so that you can take full advantage of this very useful small appliance.

Sure, a microwave is handy to quickly reheat a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup, but did you know that you can also cook in a microwave? Hard boil an egg or cook an omelette for a quick breakfast, a bowl of noodles for lunch, or pop some popcorn kernels for a healthy snack…[…]

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