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Best Breville Blender for You

best Breville blenderWondering which is the best Breville blender for your needs? For busy households, a blender is often THE go-to small appliance constantly in use for quick breakfast smoothies, easy hot soups for lunch or even convenient shortcuts when entertaining.

The Breville name is readily associated with top quality small appliances – their ingenious blenders making the top of the list. Breville makes powerful blenders at very competitive price points given the quality, but once you fully realize the advantages of their proprietary Pro Kinetix motion, you will fully grasp how ‘ultimate nutrition’ and ‘blender’ can actually work hand in hand.

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Common Features

* Proprietary Pro Kinetix Motion, a unique blade and bowl system that would set Breville blenders apart from the crowd, started as “a simple moment of brilliance”. Here’s how it works: a set of curved wide sweeping stainless steel blades contoured to the base of the container pushes heavier elements towards the top, while smaller serrated central blades pull buoyant ingredients back downward. Wet and dry ingredients get pulverized with less heat transfer and lesser chance of over processing, resulting in two striking advantages:
-up to 24% increased nutrient preservation compared to other commercial blenders;
-a comparison done with some popular personal blenders has shown Breville compact blenders to achieve up to 42% finer particle size compared with some popular personal four-blade blenders.
* Heavy-duty die-cast base with all-metal couplings (drive shaft and bearing) for greater durability;
* Overload protection system ensures the motor does not get over stressed;
* Lightweight and shatter resistant BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester jug and drinking cups. The jug’s tight-fitting vented lid allows steam to escape when blending hot soups and Breville’s ring assist makes for easy opening and closing.

Breville Super Q BBL920

Breville Super Q BBL920With its newest model Breville the Super Q Blender, the company has thrown down the gauntlet and issued its competitors an ultimatum. Here’s what they’re up against:
* commercial grade blender designed for residential use;
* 1800-watt motor (the highest possible motor rating);
* 186mph blade tip speed under load for quick results;
* noise suppression technology (quieter than Vitamix and Blendtec blenders);
* additional blade system to mix food and drinks directly into a personal blender cup;
* intelligent base that automatically recognizes the vessel chosen and optimizes performance accordingly;
* brushed stainless steel exterior with 5 color options;
* tight fitting high performance lid that won’t warp with heat;
* 3′ cord wrap.

The Super Q display panel features:
* 5 one-touch programs (Green Smoothie, Smoothie, Soup, Pulse/Ice Crush, Frozen Dessert);
* On/Off/Pause/Cancel;
* Auto Clean function cleans pitcher and blades;
* 12 speed settings (super slow Stir up to high Mill);
* LCD timer (counts up for speed dial settings, counts down for preprogrammed settings).

The Super Q measures 8.2″W x 10.6″D x 18.1″H, weighs a hefty 17lbs 8oz and boasts a 10-year limited product warranty. It replaces the Breville BBL910XL Boss which has been discontinued.

* 68oz jug
* 24oz personal blending on-the-go cup
* 83-page Super Q Cookbook (including ways to pimp everyday smoothies and gradually build up to green smoothies in order to support your health)
* Tamper
* Spatula
* Vac Q Vacuum (optional – see below)

Pros & Cons
Compliments abound: “an indispensable culinary tool”, “bleeds quality”, “worth every penny” – need we say more?

Breville Fresh & Furious BBL620

Breville Fresh & Furious BBL620Though less powerful than the Super Q, the Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender offers a mix of blending and food processing and can turn ice into snow or blend smoothies and creamy soups super efficiently in seconds. Here’s why:
* 1100-watt motor;
* hemisphere contoured blade & bowl system draws down food towards wide sweeping, surgical grade serrated blades that hug the bottom of the jug, leaving no particles unprocessed;
* heavy-duty ABS base with 5 color options;
* tight fitting high performance lid with removable inner measuring cup (helps release suction before removing lid and allows you to add ingredients while blending) and proprietary ring pull (simply use the back of the ring to push the lid up with your thumb while holding the jug handle);
* 3′ cord wrap.

The Fresh & Furious BBL620 display panel features:
* On/Off;
* 3 one-touch programs (Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Ice Crushing);
* 5 speeds (Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree, Liquefy);
* Auto Clean button;
* LCD timer.
It measures 17″ x 8.5″ x 7″, weighs 8lbs 8 oz and comes with a 3-year limited product warranty.

* 50oz BPA-free shatterproof Tritan jug featuring a unique set of dual ribs that boost the blending process by constantly redirecting ingredients towards the blades;
* Ten recipe cards are included to get you started with recipes for smoothies, dips, marinades and even ice lollies;
* Optional: Vac Q Vacuum (see below).

Pros & Cons
With 18-ounce lesser capacity than the Super Q, this blender is not ideal for larger families. Perfect for our two large daily lunch smoothies, it could also serve three or even four people quite well.

Vac Q Vacuum Accessory

Vac Q Vacuum AccessoryA vacuum attachment compatible with both Q and Super Q blenders as well as the Fresh & Furious, the purpose of the Breville BBL002SIL0NUC1 the Vac Q Vacuum blending accessory is to draw air out from the jug of your blender, thereby enhancing your blends with smoother textures, brighter colors as well as richer flavors. Made of silver-painted ABS and powered by four 1.5V AA batteries, it measures 3.6″W x 3.6″D x 5.6″H and comes with a 12-month replacement guarantee.

Breville Boss To Go Sport BPB610

Breville Boss To Go Sport BPB610Ideal for on-the-go smoothies, the Breville Boss To Go Sport Blender BPB610 can also be used for baby food, marinades, sauces and batters:
* 1000-watt motor;
* durable die-cast metal base with a brushed aluminium finish;
* Kinetix blending action from a combination of two powerful serrated stainless steel central blades and a large curved sweeping blade;
* wrap-around cord storage.
The BPB610BAL Boss To Go Sport measures 5.5″L x 5.5″W x 15″H, weighs 7lbs and comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

* 2 BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, smooth-edged attachments:
-23oz café-style tumbler
-15oz dual wall insulated tumbler
* 2 travel lids

Pros & Cons
Customers love its blending power and how easy it is to use and clean.


Super Q BBL920

* 1800-watt motor with noise suppression technology;
* 68oz jug;
* 24oz personal blending on-the-go cup;
* 2 blade systems to accommodate jug and personal blender cup;
* 5 one-touch programs (Green Smoothie, Smoothie, Soup, Pulse/Ice Crush, Frozen Dessert);
* 12 speed settings (super slow Stir up to high Mill);
* 10-year warranty.

Fresh & Furious BBL620

* 1100-watt motor;
* 50oz jug;
* 3 one-touch programs (Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Ice Crush);
* 5 speeds (Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree, Liquefy);
* 3-year warranty.

Boss To Go Sport BPB610

* 1000-watt motor;
* 23oz café-style tumbler with lid;
* 15oz dual wall insulated tumbler with lid;
* 1-year warranty.

Breville smoothie makerIf you want an amazing power blender that offers great value for money, take a serious look at these Breville blenders. For a large family or if you do a lot of cooking, the Super Q with both 68oz jug and 24oz blending on-the-go cup is ideal. The Fresh & Furious with its 50oz jug will satisfy the needs of most people. Release the gourmet chef in you with the addition of the Vac Q Vacuum for enhanced flavors and textures. Always on the go while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? The Boss To Go Sport was created just for you!

A word to the wise: this Australian company is still relatively unknown in North America. But as demand keeps increasing, so will prices…

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