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Best Breville Blender for You

Best Breville blender for youWondering which are the best Breville blender models out there? This Australian company’s name is readily associated with top quality small appliances, and their powerful blenders are certainly a good reason why.

For busy households, a blender is often THE go to small appliance, constantly in use whether for quick breakfast smoothies, easy hot soups for lunch, or shortcuts for entertaining.

Breville makes powerful blenders at very competitive price points, but once you fully realize the advantages of their proprietary Pro Kinetix motion, you will fully grasp how ‘ultimate nutrition’ and ‘blender’ can finally meet and get along.

Breville Pro Kinetix Motion

What according to the company started as “a simple moment of brilliance” ended up becoming a defining feature that would set Breville blenders apart from the crowd.

Here’s how this unique blade and bowl system works: a set of three curved wide sweeping stainless steel blades contoured to the base of the container pushes heavier elements towards the top, while three smaller serrated central blades pull buoyant ingredients back downward.

This ensures that wet and dry ingredients get pulverized with less heat transfer and a lesser chance of over processing – all within one container. Even ice gets crushed into snow for velvety drinks.

And if you’re a fan of smoothies, you will love the one-touch Smoothie function of the Boss and the Fresh & Furious: a soft start followed by a combination of various speeds interspersed with bursts of high power for the smoothest of smooth textures.

According to Breville, this results in two striking advantages over other blenders:

. up to 24% increased nutrient preservation compared to other commercial blenders!

. in a comparison done with some popular personal blenders, Breville compact blenders have been shown to achieve up to 42% finer particle size compared with some popular personal blenders (with only four blades), resulting in a smoother consistency as well as enhanced taste;

Healthy, even blending every time – what more could you ask for?

Other Common Features

All Breville blenders have the following features in common:

. a heavy-duty die-cast base with all-metal couplings (drive shaft and bearing) for better durability when dealing with tough blends;

. an overload protection system also ensures the motor does not get over stressed;

. lightweight and, unlike glass, shatter resistant BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester jug or drinking cups (for personal blenders) with smooth rims for more pleasant drinking;

. handy wraparound cord storage system;

. high performance lid with removable inner measuring cup which helps release suction before removing lid and allows you to add ingredients while blending;

. Breville’s proprietary ring pull to ensure lids are easy to remove even with a tight seal. It’s a piece of cake even with weak fingers, if you simply use the back of the ring to push the lid up with your thumb while holding the jug handle.

Breville Boss Blender BBL910XL

Breville Boss Blender BBL910XLWith the Breville BBL910XL Boss, this manufacturer has thrown down the gauntlet and issued its competitors a serious challenge. This big Boss blender is certainly giving the big guys a run for their money.

Capable of reaching 3.5 peak horsepower, this high velocity super blender is equipped with a 1500-watt motor: sheer power without quite reaching the high decibel levels of the Vitamix.

Its 68-ounce jug is equipped with a tight fitting ring-assist ventilating lid allowing steam to escape when blending hot soups. The weak-fingered will also appreciate the Breville Assist plug feature which allows for easy removal from the wall outlet.

The Boss display panel features:
.5 preset one-touch programs including Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, Soup, as well as Pulse/Ice Crush make it easy to achieve the perfect texture. A stroke of genius worth noting: Breville is the world’s first manufacturer to feature a dedicated control for Green Smoothies;
.up to 12 speeds from super slow Stir up to high Mill.
.Auto Clean function facilitates cleaning around the blades: simply add two cups of warm soapy water, hit the self-clean button, and clean up is done.
.LCD timer allows you to keep track of counts up for speed dial settings, as well as counts down for pre-programmed settings.

Accessories include:
.2 spatulas: the scraper spatula is used to push food down from the walls, and the frozen dessert tamper to push thick foods into the blades.
.the Blending with the Boss™ Appliance Science & Recipes book will guide you through an extensive selection of yummy recipes for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, nut butters and milk, sauces and cocktails, as well as tips from Chef Heston Blumenthal to help you understand your ingredients and the science behind perfectly blended drinks.

The big Boss blender measures 9 ½” X 7 ¾” x 18″ and weighs a hefty 12.8lbs; The Breville warranty goes up to 7 years on this model.

Pros & Cons:
In spite of its price, owners can’t give this large blender enough praise. The only con would appear to be its availability…

Breville Fresh & Furious BBL620

Breville Fresh & Furious BBL620Although less powerful than the Boss, the Breville Fresh & Furious is equipped with a 1100W motor. Whether you wish to turn ice into snow, blend smoothies or creamy soups, this blender offers a mix of blending and food processing that will get the job done super efficiently in seconds – and without human intervention!

Its round jug has a 50-ounce (1.5L) capacity and features a unique set of dual ribs that boost the blending process by constantly redirecting ingredients towards the blades.

The display panel features:
.3 one-touch programs for Smoothies, Green Smoothies and Ice Crushing;
.5 speeds (Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree, Liquefy);
.Auto Clean button;
.LCD timer.

Ten recipe cards are included to get you started with recipes for smoothies, dips, marinades and even ice lollies.

The Fresh & Furious BBL620 measures 17″ x 8.5″ x 7″ and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Pros & Cons

With an 18-ounce lesser capacity than the Boss, this blender is not ideal for larger families. Perfect for our two large daily lunch smoothies, it could also serve three or even four people quite well.

Super efficient, easy to use, AND it washes itself – now if only kids and pets came like that!

Breville Hemisphere Blenders

Though both Breville Hemisphere blender models (Control BBL605XL and Smooth BBL560XL) ultimately fell out of favor, the BBL605XL introduced a brilliant blade system which has remained pivotal to the design of all Breville blender models.

The new spheric jug design also contributes to the high efficiency of the Fresh & Furious model.

Breville Boss To Go Series

The Boss To Go compact blender series comes with a 1000W (110-120 Volts) base measuring 7-1/4″H X5″L X5-3/4″W and carries a 1-year Replacement warranty.

It should be noted that these mini food blenders feature four blades instead of the regular six which as seen in our Pro Kinetix motion section above does not affect their performance in the least.

Breville Boss To Go BPB600BAL

Breville Boss To Go BPB600BALThe Breville Boss To Go BPB600BAL includes:

.2 Boss tumblers (16oz & 32oz)
.2 travel lids

Breville Boss To Go Sport Blender BPB620BAL

Breville Boss To Go Sport Blender BPB620BALIdeal for smoothies, this BPB620BAL mini food blender comes with:

.2 travel tumblers (15oz Sport & 23oz Mega)
.2 travel lids

An added advantage is that it also works for baby food, marinades, sauces and batters.

Breville Boss To Go Plus BPB625BAL

Breville Boss To Go Plus BPB625BALThis BPB625BAL Boss with Tumbler model addresses health and fitness focused individuals by also providing the ability to grind grains, nuts and seeds. Included are:

. 2 15oz insulated dual-wall cups with Travel lids;
. 1 25oz tumbler;
. 1 stainless milling & grinding container with lid.

Boss To Go Pros & Cons

The great majority of people who own this personal blender have fallen in love with it. They fuly appreciate that it is well designed, convenient, leak proof and super easy to clean. One reviewer went so far as to say that the only improvement would be “if it came with an envelope full of cash”!!!

However, there is a point of contention: since there is no On-Off switch, you have to push down and turn the bowl/blade assembly in order to activate the unit. If you happen to have the right touch, the Boss To Go operates like a dream. But misalign jug and base only slightly and ‘Sydney, we’ve got a problem!’.

A few reviewers have concluded that these units are not for weak hands, while other users who admit to having weak hands have experienced no issues. So what’s the deal?

That puzzled me, but stop to think about this, and it all starts to make sense. As a person with weak hands myself, I can attest that I often end up getting things jammed when trying to screw them together, probably because I rush and don’t take time to align them properly first. Then I invoke weak hands when jar tops get jammed and I can’t unscrew them… food for thought!

Users have made it clear that you won’t find a better portable blender on the market, so it may be worth focusing on getting it right so you can enjoy the health benefits this little marvel can provide for years to come.

Blending Science & Recipes

The Boss To Go series has prompted Breville to put together the very clever Nurture via Nature Appliance Science & Recipes with foreword by Chef Heston Blumenthal.

You don’t have to be a lab tech to be fascinated with Blumenthal’s correlation between texture and taste. Understand why particle size is crucial, and how efficient the Breville Kinetix motion is at breaking down food into tiny particles to achieve super smooth smoothies with fully developed flavors.

Then it’s on to Breville’s tasty smoothie recipes – including how to ‘pimp’ your green smoothies – as well as lovely smoothie bowls and shakes to help you get started. And finally grasp how to gradually build up to green smoothies in order to support your health.

You can also look forward to amazing popsicle recipes, secrets to sinfully appealing ‘mocktails’, plus you will learn how to make different types of milk alternatives and grind protein booster powders.

But the best part is, it’s free for you to download online… 😉

Best Breville BlenderLooking for a great power blender that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? You may want to take a serious look at the Breville Fresh & Furious – or the Boss for its greater capacity.

Always on the go while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? The Boss To Go series was created just for you!

But a word to the wise: this Australian company is still relatively unknown in North America, but as demand keeps increasing, so will prices…

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