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GRILLS Reviews & Info

Electric grills have become some of the most sought after small appliances, and for good reasons. Whether it is too hot – or too cold – to fire up the outdoor grill is no longer a big deal now that we can easily plug in the countertop grill and get down to business.

Sure, a waffle maker or a panini press can produce wonderfully delicious crunchy treats for breakfast or a quick lunch, but get a combination grill and griddle, and there are literally no limits to the meals you can create. Bon appétit!

Which Is the Best Cuisinart Griddler for Me?

Best Cuisinart GriddlerDetermining the best Cuisinart griddler for your particular needs is not always easy: different models provide different ranges of functions which themselves aren’t always clear.

Our review of the Cuisinart griddler series reveals the efforts made to increase functionality to the point that many griddling cooks hardly use their stovetop any more – myself included![…]

Panini Press Grills for Perfect Toasted Sandwiches

Panini Press GrillsDid you know that a good quality panini press grill can deliver a perfectly toasted panini sandwich right in the comfort of your home?

No need for restaurants when you can enjoy the same crispy gooey gourmet sandwich in minutes, with your own fresh ingredients – and for a fraction of the cost.[…]

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