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KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixers

KitchenAid Professional Stand MixersKitchenAid Professional mixers made quite the statement when the Professional 6™ stand mixer with bowl-lift mechanism was first introduced in 2000. Since then, multiple series have been created to address the varying needs of home cooks.

KitchenAid responded to America’s quickly increasing pace of living by providing tools that improved on efficiency. Who had time to spend all day cooking, each and every day? But do these Professional mixers really measure up?

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Special Features

Head Type: The first feature that differentiates Professional stand mixers from the more traditional Artisan or Classic is the bowl-lift design. The solid one-piece motor head is seamless and easy to clean. The mixing bowl is positioned on pegs which sit on top of two arms; the crank raises the bowl into the mixing position before powering on. When done, use the crank to lower the bowl back down and remove bowl and beater.

Bowl Capacity: The idea behind the first bowl-lift stand mixer was to offer greater capacity, enabling home bakers to process larger quantities in a single batch. Hence the 6-quart mixer bowl enabling you to mix enough dough for 8 loaves of bread or 13 dozen cookies, or mash 8 pounds of potatoes all at once. And for those ambitious bakers out there: get ready to discover 7- and even 8-quart mixers that can handle 8 lbs of dough without flinching. Oh yeah…

Planetary Mixing Action: The KitchenAid mixers’ trademark planetary mixing action is designed so that the beater spirals to 67 different touch points (59 for the Artisan and the Classic) within the Professional mixer bowls, ensuring that their mixers achieve the highest beater-to-bowl coverage in the industry. Utmost mixing efficiency, quicker results – what’s there not to like?

Accessories: All include three basic accessories with varying finishes depending on model: a flat beater, a wire whip, as well as a PowerKnead™ spiral dough hook designed to be more efficient at handling heavy dough kneading. Some are also equipped with a pouring shield.

Smooth Sailing: Specific to KitchenAid Professional mixers, the all-steel gears transmission and electronic speed sensor work together with the soft-start mixing feature to ensure a smooth operation:
.Direct Drive Transmission: requiring less space and fewer parts to move power than regular transmission, the direct drive all-steel gear transmission is more efficient, reliable and durable, making these mixers really powerful;
.Electronic Speed Sensor: the amount of torque is constantly monitored to maintain a consistent speed for ultimate results;
.Soft Start Feature: if you accidentally start the mixer at a high speed, Soft Start will intervene and slow down the mixer in order to prevent splatter and the dreaded ‘flour cloud’ and then gently accelerate to your chosen speed;
.Motor Protection: in case of overload, Professional mixers shut off automatically in order to protect the motor, just like commercial mixers.

5-Year Total Replacement Limited Warranty: Pro Line Series 7 Qt KSM7586
2-Year Full Warranty: NSF Certified® Commercial Series 8-Qt KSM8990/KSMC895

KitchenAid Professional Series 6-8 Quart

KSM6573C Professional 6000 HD 6 Qt

KSM6573C Professional 6000 HDWith the 6000 series, KitchenAid changes directions and aims to address the needs of serious bakers. These models rev things up a bit by introducing horsepower instead of the familiar watts. Contrary to the AC (alternative current) motors of previous mixers, the 6000s feature a DC (direct current) motor which is more in line with commercial appliances. Did you notice something unique about the KSM6573 KitchenAid Professional HD stand mixer? Yep, ‘HD’ for Heavy Duty – not High Definition… 😉

According to KitchenAid, the Professional 6000 HD’s 350-watt motor is more energy efficient and powerful than that of the Professional 600’s 575- watt motor and as a result will last longer. With a 1.0hp High Efficiency DC motor and an optimized bowl torque, heavier mixes such as bread doughs get processed more efficiently than with the 600 – and with less heat build-up.

The KSM6573 features a unique extra deep 6-quart tulip-shaped stainless steel bowl with handle designed to facilitate adding ingredients. It also comes with coated flat beater and spiral-shaped dough hook, as well as a 6-wire whip. But this little marvel has one drawback: no other accessories will fit this stand mixer’s particular bowl. It weighs 27lbs and only comes in one color.

Click here for the KSM6573CER.

KSM6521X Professional 6500 Design Series 6 Qt

KSM6521X Professional 6500 DesignTrue to form, this stunning KitchenAid 6-quart mixer also sports a 1.0hp High Efficiency DC motor but comes at a significantly higher price. Its 6-quart Design Series glass bowl with handle provides greater capacity and contributes to its 37 lbs weight. Three F series coated accessories are included: a flat beater, a PowerKnead™ spiral dough hook and a 6-wire whip. It weighs 37lbs and is only available in one color.

Click here for the KSM6521XSR.

KSM7586 Pro Line Series 7 Qt

KSM7586 Pro LineThis KitchenAid Pro Line series offers a robust 1.3 hp High Efficiency DC motor which KitchenAid considers “the backbone of our new mixer”. This motor can actually deliver consistent power to the bowl with less heat build-up regardless of load size. In the manufacturer’s own words: “When combined with and guided by our new advanced motor control board, this is our longest lasting and most efficient motor yet.”

Its larger 7-quart bowl polished stainless steel bowl with comfort handle enables you to efficiently mix dough for up to 14 dozen cookies in a single batch, making this Pro Line KitchenAid’s largest capacity residential stand mixer currently available.

Three accessories are included: a flat beater, a PowerKnead™ spiral dough hook and a wire whip. It measures 14.6″D x 16.4″H x 13.3″W, weighs 32 lbs and comes in 6 colors. Efficiency at its best!

Click here for the KSM7586PSR

KSM8990 NSF 8 Qt & KSMC895 NSF 8 Qt

KSM8990 NSFBoth the KitchenAid KSM8990NP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer, 10-Speed, Gear-Driven (without bowl guard) and the KSMC895WH with Bowl-Guard come equipped with a 1.3HP motor with PowerCore technology which delivers consistent power while reducing heat buildup for long-lasting performance.

NSF certified with a 2-year Limited Commercial warranty, they come with commercial-grade accessories: a PowerKnead spiral dough hook, a flat beater and a super efficient elliptical stainless steel 11-wire whip.

The 8-quart polished stainless steel bowl with “J” style handle can easily handle more than 8 pounds of dough for cookies, crust or bread in a single batch.

They also feature a commercial attachment power hub and heavy-duty metal control knobs. Measuring 14.6″D x 16.5″H x 13.3″W, these models weigh 32 lbs and come in 5 colors. Just can’t be beat if you live to bake, but a little pricier!

Click here for the KSM8990 or here for the KSMC895.

Professional 600 Series 6 Quart

Also equipped with direct drive transmission, all-steel gear transmission, soft-start feature, electronic speed sensor as well as commercial style motor protection, these stand mixers mean business.

KP26M1X Professional 600 Series

KitchenAid Professional 600 SeriesWith a 575-watt motor, it is by far the most popular of the Professional series – and the fact that it comes in a rainbow of colors (22) has certainly helped. Accessories include a burnished aluminium PowerKnead spiral dough hook and flat beater, a 6-wire whisk and a pouring shield.

KL26M1X Professional 6 Series

Equipped with the same 575-watt motor and a 6-quart bowl (without pouring shield), the KL26M1X is only offered in 1 color.

KF26M1X Professional 600 Design Series with Glass Bowl

This model makes up for a slightly less powerful 550-watt motor by showing up in 5 colors, wearing a gorgeous 6-quart glass bowl and coordinated accessories: F series coated flat beater, F series coated PowerKnead™ spiral dough hook and F series 6-wire whip.

Read our full review of the KitchenAid Professional 600 series here.

Professional 5 Quart

KitchenAid Professional 5 Quart

KV25GOX Professional 5 Plus

With a choice of 5 colors, the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Stand Mixers sport a 450-watt motor and a 5-quart polished stainless steel wide-mouth bowl with comfort handle. Accessories include a burnished aluminium PowerKnead spiral dough hook and flat beater, as well as a 6-wire whisk. Click here for the Professional 5 Plus.

KSM500PS Pro 500 Series

The KitchenAid KSM500PSWH Pro 500 Series 10-Speed 5-Quart Stand Mixer features the smallest bowl of all the KitchenAid Professional mixers and a 325-watt motor to match. Equipped with burnished flat beater and dough hook, a wire whip and pouring shield, it measures 10.4″D x 16.4″H x 13.3″W, weighs 29 lbs, comes in one color. Click here for the Pro 500.

Optional Attachments

Over a dozen attachments are now available to extend the scope of these stand mixers – no matter which model you choose. These little wonders allow you to make child’s play out of grinding meat, stuffing your own sausages, straining, shredding, slicing, dicing or even julienning fruit and vegetables. Plus you can now surprise friends and family with spiralized veggies and fruit for healthier meals. And let’s not forget about making ice cream, milling grain or juicing citrus fruit.

Lovers of pasta have not been left out: a slew of pasta attachments were created to facilitate rolling and cutting all kinds of pasta – or even stuffing ravioli if the mood dictates! Endless possibilities for very little effort…

Pro Baking with KitchenAid Professional mixersThe extensive line of KitchenAid Professional stand mixers is truly equipped to address every baker’s need no matter the level of expectations.

Powerful and more solidly built than the Classic or the Artisan, these mixers can certainly rise up to the task.

The 600 Series is geared towards the serious cook who occasionally tackles heavier dough.

Love baking bread with heavier, sticky doughs such as wheat? The 6000 Series was created just for you. The 6000HD and the Pro Line with its 7-quart bowl in particular should answer your needs.

For residential bakeries or super enthusiastic home bakers, look no further than the NSF certified commercial mixers. Just be aware that, if used at home for commercial purposes, these are the only mixers whose warranty remains valid in case of breakage.

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