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Choosing the Best Vitamix Blender for You

Best Vitamix blender reviewsSelecting the best Vitamix blender for your needs is without a doubt a frustrating shopping experience. So many models to choose from! And it doesn’t help that Vitamix has muddied the waters even more by renaming and reclassifying all their blenders.

But Vitamix blenders are truly exceptional, and the extra effort needed to corral this herd of wild horses and tame them into bands was well worth it. After all, chaos does not lead to good decisions, and the wrong choice could prove costly.

Why Buy a Vitamix Blender?

1. Healthy Lifestyle vs Chef Versatility

For the great majority of people, buying a blender follows a conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Frustrated with poorly performing appliances and chunky smoothies, they opt to part with a good chunk of money in hopes of finally experiencing the perfect smoothie blender.

Others dream of achieving chef-like results without all the hard work – exactly what this high power blender was designed for! Did you know that this little wizard does the work of ten appliances and can accomplish more than 50 different kitchen tasks, including making smoothies and juices, hot soups, baby food, dips and spreads, dressings and sauces, frozen desserts, batters, non-dairy milks and nut butters, batters, flours and dough!

Can you think of a better sous-chef to help you be healthy AND impress friends and family with minimal effort on your part? 🙂

2. Power and Efficiency

Except for the Personal Series (790 watts), Vitamix home line blenders sport either a 2.0HP motor (Traditional C Series) or 2.2HP motor (Next Generation G Series) able to propel their powerful blades to reach 37,000 rpm without loading the motor. In case of overload, the machine is equipped with thermal protection so that it would automatically shut off.

Coupled with hardened stainless steel blades comprising laser-cut (not stamped) cutting blades and hammermill blades for crushing, it is no surprise that ingredients get pulverized. This in turn releases flavors (as well as color) and marries them together for amazingly tasty results. In fact, flavors are so intensified that you may want to go lightly on seasoning.

Finally, Vitamix containers are meticulously designed for super efficient blending. Different sizes are available to meet your every need from individual to go smoothies or instant hot soups for the family – and everything in between. A tamper included with each blender helps fully incorporate all ingredients into the blend when processing thick mixtures. The Vitamix tamper is designed to fit the container so that it does not come in contact with the blade.

3. Value

Vitamix blenders are built to last, and this company stands behind its products. You have 30 days to try your chosen blender and return it if you are not happy – at the company’s expense! A 7-year warranty extends to most blenders except for the S Series Personal line (5-year) and the Ascent Series (10-year). For a small fee, it can be extended to 10 years and includes full service plus 2-way shipping costs – further proof of the company’s commitment to quality and customer service.

Lifespan must facture in when considering the purchase of a new blender. In the end, it’s about ROI as much as smooth concoctions, isn’t it? Just know that many clients who have owned their blender for 25 years or more find their kids arguing over who will inherit the Vitamix. Not kidding.

Most Popular Blenders

Consumers have voted and let their favorites known. If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick recap of their favorites:

From the “Next Generation” G Series:
1. 7500 with plastic housing and no pre-programmed settings;
2. 750 Heritage with metal housing and 5 pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads and Self Cleaning).

Both blenders come with a 64oz Low Profile container, but for added flexibility and super easy entertaining, any of the following can be purchased separately: 48oz, 32oz (either Wet or Dry Grains) and 20oz with adapter. Both feature 10 variable speeds and Pulse.

From the Ascent Series with Self-Detect technology:
1. A2300 with no pre-programmed settings;
2. A2500 with 3 pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups and Frozen Desserts).

Both feature 10 variable speeds and Pulse. All containers that fit this series boast Self-Detect technology. Both models come with a 64oz Low Profile container, and other sizes were designed specifically to complement this series: 48oz, 48oz Dry Grains, 32oz, 32oz Dry Grains, 20oz and 8oz.

From the Personal S Series:
1. S30 with no pre-programmed settings;
2. S55 with 4 pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts and Power Blends).

Both feature 10 variable speeds and Pulse and come with two containers (20oz and 40oz) for on-the-go or small family meals – the perfect mini blender or even portable blender if you travel a lot – provided you follow the manufacturer’s Tips for a Successful Blend in The Personal section below.

Vitamix top blenders

Over the years, Vitamix has seen fit to reorganize its stable of blenders. First grouped by line (Legacy, Professional, Ascent, Personal, Explorian, etc.), they are now referred to mostly by series:

Traditional / C Series with 2HP motor

This includes the classic blenders with the original tall, narrow 64oz container with 3” blades:

5200 Legacy
5300 Legacy
750 Pro Legacy
500 Pro Legacy
200 Pro
CIA300 Pro

One notable exception: the 5300 Legacy (upgraded 5200) features a 2.2HP motor and a 64oz Low Profile container with 4” blades.

Next Generation / G Series with 2.2HP motor

Released in 2012, this series features shorter, wider containers with 4” blades that sit on top of a redesigned, slightly wider base with improved airflow and sound-dampening technology:

7500 Legacy
780 Legacy
750 Pro Heritage Legacy
300 Pro
A2300 Ascent
A2500 Ascent
A3300 Ascent
A3500 Ascent

Personal / S Series with 1HP motor

In 2014, Vitamix introduced a new line of personal blenders to address the needs of people who prefer single or double servings to enjoy at home or on the go.


But for our purposes and for clarity’s sake, we will group them by ‘bloodline’ – starting with the top performers in each line – and highlight the features that users find the most desirable.

Legacy Vitamix C Series

The Legacy line attempts to answer every cook’s wishes by providing a diversity of control options as well as a wide range of containers that can be mixed and matched to suit each and every one of your needs.

All Legacy blenders have in common a radial cooling fan, thermal protection system for consistent delivery, and are backed by a 7-year warranty.

Vitamix 5200

The original model from which many others have sprouted, the 5200 C Series is still much appreciated today. The company considers the 5200 to be the “universal tool for family meals and entertaining”, and it’s easy to understand why.

Its 2HP motor and classic 64oz container with 3” blades are more than capable of handling anything from hot soup to ice cream. It has 10 variable speed controls, plus High speed, measures 20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25” and weighs 10Lbs 9oz.

The great majority of buyers are very happy with their experience with the 5200, though its height makes it difficult for it to fit under top kitchen cabinets. It is much appreciated for making liquid concoctions, but not so much for thick mixtures like nut butters and dried fruit purees which have resulted in the following complaints:

– requires using the tamper more often
– uneven blend at the top of the container
– hard to clean under the blades
– the container’s internal ridges make it hard to fully empty
– occasional overheating
– very noisy

Vitamix 5300

Just as popular, the 5300 C Series is a redesign of the 5200, incorporating a more powerful though slightly less noisy 2.2HP motor as well as a 64oz Low Profile container with 4” blades. It also has 10 variable speed controls without the High speed but with Pulse instead for greater customization.

The 5300 measures 17.25 x 8.75 x 7.25” and weighs 11.95Lbs. It is available either as a new unit or refurbished.

Vitamix 500

In contrast, the Vitamix Professional Series 500 has a 2HP motor (C Series) and comes with a 64oz traditional tall container with 3” blades.

It features a Pulse switch and THREE presets for Smoothies, Hot Soups and Frozen Desserts. The 500 model measures 20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25″ and weighs 10Lbs 9oz.

Legacy Vitamix C Series

Vitamix 7500

The G Series Vitamix 7500 blender features a cool running 2.2HP motor and a 64oz Low Profile container. Ten variable speeds give you full control over the textures you want to achieve, while a Pulse switch lets you easily create salsas or thick soups. The 7500 measures 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7” and weighs 12.5Lbs.

There is no doubting the popularity of this model. Many stress how quiet it is (comparatively speaking of course); some love how the Pulse feature allows them to very finely chop ingredients for spreads or dips. If you favor coarse chopping, don’t get rid of your food processor!

Vitamix 780

The G Series 780 also sports a 2.2HP motor and the same 64oz Low Profile container. But other Legacy blenders could be forgiven for looking at the 780 model as the new nerd on the block.

Not only does it introduce Touchscreen controls, but also FIVE pre-programmed settings: Smoothies, Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, plus Self Cleaning! One touch of the hardened glass LED control panel offers walk away convenience. And for perfectionists, there’s even a Pulse button… Automated blending at its best!

This little marvel measures 17.25 x 8.8 x 9” and weighs 12.5Lbs.

There’s no question that customers literally wax poetic over this new model, calling it a “dream machine”, “the Cadillac of blenders”, etc. They love the easy versatility that the five presets offer – in particular the cleanup setting – as well as the flexibility afforded by the various container sizes that can used with this model.

And yet, a small percentage of buyers are still complaining about recurring issues which remain unresolved.

Vitamix 750

Like the 780 model, the Vitamix 750 G Series boasts a 2.2HP motor and comes with a 64oz Low Profile container. It also features FIVE pre-programmed settings for Smoothies, Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads and Self Cleaning.

But just when you thought you were confused enough, this one has a split personality. While the older 750 model sits on a plastic base, the newer Vitamix 750 Heritage line released at the end of 2015 sports a metal base (available in Brushed Stainless Steel Finish and Copper).

Its metal housing makes the 750 Heritage not only slightly quieter, but also more resistant to scuff marks – and for the same price (at least for now). The 750 measures 17.5×9.4×7.7″ and weighs 12.5Lbs.

Customers are generally very happy with the 750 Heritage model now that the original ‘black flecks’ issue has been resolved. And those of you who stress out over entertaining might enjoy the included DVD which shows a chef preparing 8 different dishes in all of 19 minutes! 🙂

Ascent Vitamix Series

Vitamix Ascent have been called the “Cadillac of blenders” and referred to as “the most powerful, practical and easy to use food preparation assistant”. Why all the enthusiasm?

The Vitamix Ascent Series connects to the future to offer ultimate customization through built-in timers, wireless connectivity, and a choice of containers designed to answer your every need, whether at home or on the go.

Self-Detect technology allows this newest line of blenders to recognize the size of container used and adjust blending time and settings accordingly.

Equipped with 2.2HP motors, Ascent blenders come with a 64oz Low Profile container. Other containers can be purchased separately, offering incredible flexibility:
. 48oz (wet OR dry)
. 32oz (wet OR dry)
. 20oz blending cup starter kit
. 8oz blending bowl starter kit

The 2300 and 2500 models feature Start/Stop and Pulse switches, whereas the 3300 and 3500 models are Touchscreen. Pulse works in tandem with Variable Speed Control to deliver the exact burst of power you need in order to achieve perfection.

The 2500 has 3 program settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups and Frozen Desserts), while the 3500 has 5 presets (above plus Dips/Spreads, and Self Cleaning).

A built-in digital timer in the 2300 and 2500 displays how long your blend has been processing, while models 3300 and 3500 with programmable timer will blend your recipes for the amount of time you enter and then automatically stop.

These blenders measure 11x8x17″ and weigh 11.86Lbs except for the hefty 3500 (14.29Lbs) – the only one that offers four metal base finishes (Copper, Black/Brushed/Graphite Stainless).

Backed by a 10-year warranty, Ascent blenders are appealing and have been well received. At the moment, the 2500 and 2300 are winning the race, closely followed by the 3300 and 3500, but it’s too close to call and there is no real clear winner.

Vitamix Ascent Reviews

The longer 10-year warranty that the Ascent series enjoys has proven a deciding factor for a number of buyers – and why not? The fact that the company stands firmly behind its new line of nerdy blenders equipped with Self-Detect technology says a lot and may well be an indication of the company’s direction in the future.

There’s no doubt that the Ascent series offers choices for everyone, whether you prefer simple controls (A2300, A3300) or pre-programmed settings (3 with the A2500; 5 with the A3500).

Some happy owners swear by the Touch function of the Start/Stop and Pulse and programmable timer of the A3300 and 3500 models, while others find the Switch Start/Stop and Pulse switches and the digital timer of the A2300 and 2500 more intuitive.

Some find comfort in the simple controls of the A2300 and the A3300; others appreciate the ability to multitask allowed by the A2500 and A3500 program settings.

Self-Detect technology offers Ascent blenders incredible versatility by allowing them to automatically recognize the size of container you are using, whether 64oz, 48oz, 32oz, 20oz to-go cups or 8oz prepping bowls – without having to deal with temperamental clunky adapters!

Measurements are easier to read on Ascent containers, plus the clear lid makes it easier to monitor what you are blending and is secured to the pitcher by side clips. On the other hand, some users complain that food gets stuck on the inside of the lid, making it harder to clean.

The slightly more expensive A3500 features a metal base which makes it a little quieter and more stable (14.92 lbs vs 11.86 lbs).

Not many blenders can empower you to prepare a full-course meal from hot soup to ice cream (and even margaritas!) – AND clean themselves – in 20 minutes flat. The Ascent kitchen blender is a true multitasker and can easily replace many small appliances.

Vitamix S Series

The year 2014 saw the release of the first of the Vitamix S Series Personal trifecta targeted at individuals with busy lifestyles. Create single servings of your favorite smoothie recipes to enjoy on the go, or double servings for small family meals – why compromise when you can customize?

Each Vitamix Personal blender comes with an interchangeable blade base which is easily attached to either of the two included containers:
. the 20oz with double insulation and flip-top lid for single servings, or
. the mess-free-pour 40oz with two-part vented lid designed to allow heat to escape (great for hot soups) for small family batches.
Additional containers can also be purchased separately, so no one has to feel left out.

No sibling rivalry here: these mini blenders can make dips, dressings, frozen desserts, and even soups just like the big guys! Variable Speed and Pulse controls let you achieve perfect consistency every time. Plus cleanup is easy as the containers are top-rack dishwasher safe.

The 790-watt motor coupled with metal drive system and laser-cut stainless steel blades does quick work of liquefying, chopping or even grinding. Every Vitamix personal blender features a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system, as well as an interlocking system with automatic turn-off protection and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Weighing all of 12Lbs 6oz, its compact size (8.34 x 5.9 x 15.66″ with 40oz container – 14.55″ with 20oz) also makes it the perfect travel blender.

A portable blender is the ideal accomplice to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, or even getting your children used to nutritious food. Can you think of a better way of incorporating veggies into kids’ diets while educating their taste buds?

The Personal Series consists of three models:
. the original Vitamix S30 without presets;
. the Vitamix S50 with 2 presets: Smoothies & Power Blend;
. the S55 with 4 presets: Smoothies, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts and Power Blends.
The Power Blend function is for hearty greens and low liquid recipes.

Personal Series Pros & Cons

. Aficionados credit their single serve blender with making it so easy to adopt and stick to a healthier lifestyle, some even with being responsible for substantial weight loss;

. Saving time and money since they stopped relying on juice bars for their daily fix – some even boast that they have gotten their money’s worth within a month…;

. They love the small footprint and how convenient it is to use the same container to mix and drink their concoctions;

. Cleanup takes a little longer, but removing the blade base makes it safe and easy to extract thick mixes like nut butters, tahine, etc. for thorough cleaning

. The cups are leak proof and fit in most car cup holders;

. Double insulation keeps drinks cold.

But not everyone is thrilled with these small blenders:

. Some have experienced overheating or some content leaking into the threads which may result from the container not sitting on the base properly;

. More prep time is required for ingredients to fit properly in the smaller container so they don’t block the flow;

. Some complain that the blender is not heavy enough to prevent it from ‘walking’ on the counter;

. It takes a little longer to make hot soups and the narrow cup is not conducive to using frozen ingredients.

As you can see, opinions on this line of blenders are sharply divided. Some just can’t imagine life without it and give it credit for easily losing substantial weight, while others simply just don’t see the point of this small blender.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the following before you decide whether a Vitamix Personal blender is the right choice for you.

Tips for a Successful Blend

A little hint directly from Vitamix chefs: the load order for the 20oz container is the exact inverted order you should use for the 40oz container.

40-ounce Container Load Order:
Liquids (water, juice, yogurt)
Dry Goods (grains, seasonings powders)
Leafy Greens
Fruits & Veggies
Ice & Frozen Ingredients

20-ounce Container Load Order:
Ice & Frozen Ingredients
Fruits & Veggies
Leafy Greens
Dry Goods (grains, seasonings, powders)
Liquids (water, juice, yogurt)

It is also recommended that you cut ingredients into 1″ pieces and use cubed ice rather than crushed as its weight helps push ingredients into the blades.

Vitamix Refurbished Blenders

If you think that any old blender can join the heap of Vitamix reconditioned machines, you are dead wrong. In fact, it’s quite a lengthy process and unfortunately most end up on the recycled heap.

To qualify, each blender must pass through a 17-point checklist covering its base, its motor and control panel, and finally its blade. Only then does it earn its “Certified Reconditioned” rosette! And a 5-year warranty to boot. See refurbished models available.

Blender containers

In order to ensure food safety at any temperature, Vitamix was the first kitchen appliance manufacturer to feature containers made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester which is highly durable and – unlike glass – shatterproof.

Glass and powerful blades capable of reaching 37,000 rpm are not a good combination, and neither is heat: let’s not forget that these blenders can also create ready-to-serve hot soups within minutes…

Two types of vessels were created to address different types of foods:

. Vitamix wet containers for whole food ingredients are specially designed to simultaneously slice and pulverize, creating a vortex that funnels ingredients through the blades at top speeds, resulting in smooth, even blending and pureeing.

. Vitamix dry containers for whole grains on the other hand are engineered to create a reverse vortex which pushes dry ingredients away from the blades in order to prevent packing.

The size of the container dictates how much use you are going get out of your blender and therefore is the perfect place to start eliminating models that won’t serve you well.

The iconic original tall and narrow pitcher was soon followed by a whole family of shorter containers as well as dry ones, including individual ‘to go’ cups and blending bowls.

Though you will see some creative groupings on offer, here are the blender models grouped by the type of container(s) they are normally paired with:

64oz Classic with 3” blades (C Series):
Professional 200
Professional 500
Professional 750 (+ 48oz)
Legacy 5200

64oz Low Profile with 4” blades (G Series/5300):
Professional 300
Professional 750
Legacy 5300
Legacy 7500
Legacy 780

64oz Self-Detect with 4” blades (Ascent Series):
Ascent A2300
Ascent A2500
Ascent A3300
Ascent A3500

48oz with 3” blades (C Series / G Series)

48oz Self-Detect with 2.8” blades (Ascent Series)

48oz Self-Detect Dry Grains with 2.8” blades (Ascent Series)

32oz (C Series / G Series)

32oz Dry Grains (C Series / G Series)

20oz + 40oz (S Series):
Personal S30
Personal S50
Personal S55

20oz Personal Cup & Adapter (Legacy Series: 5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780; Aspire Series; Creations Series; Professional Series; Total Nutrition Center; TurboBlend Series)
Not compatible with the AscentSeries.

20oz Self-Detect Blending Cup Starter Kit (Ascent Series)

8oz Self-Detect Blending Bowl Starter Kit (Ascent Series)

And now let’s take a look at Vitamix containers by size.

Vitamix 64oz Containers

Ideal for blending medium to large batches (6-12 servings), it is perfect for family meals or entertaining.

The classic 64oz container (13.4”H) was instrumental in branding the Vitamix blender. Tall and slim, it works in tandem with 3” blades to pulverize anything you can throw at it. Its angles are engineered to create a vortex that systematically folds ingredients back to the blades, resulting in smooth blends.

Every angle of the Vitamix container is designed to create our uniquely controlled vortex, systematically folding ingredients back to the blades for faster, smoother blends. But its height can be a problem as it does not always fit under top kitchen cabinets.

The Vitamix 64oz Low Profile container (10.1”H) soon made its appearance. Shorter and wider, it makes it much easier to remove dry blends like peanut butter and does not require as much use of the tamper.

Because of its width, small quantities (under two cups) will get splattered onto the side, creating a vortex and effectively preventing any blending.

Both feature a vented lid and lid plug which doubles as a 2oz measuring cup.

The 64oz Self-Detect (10.2”H) is only compatible with the Ascent Series. This new technology allows an Ascent blender to recognize the container size and adjust blend settings accordingly.

Its spout design has been improved to avoid drips and spills when pouring thick blends.

A clear lid with leak-proof seal makes it easier to monitor progress.

See Vitamix 64oz here.

Vitamix 48oz Container

The 48oz container (10.25”H) is designed to process medium batches for small family meals and is compatible with C Series and G Series blenders.

Both 48oz Self-Detect Wet and Dry containers (10”H) are compatible with Ascent Series blenders only.

With blades engineered to create a reverse vortex and push dry ingredients away in order to prevent packing, the dry container is specifically designed to grind fresh, whole-grain and gluten-free flour; it can also mix batter as well as knead thick yeast dough for pizza, soft pretzels and homemade bread.

See Vitamix 48oz here.

40oz Container

One of two containers included with the Personal Series (S30, S50, S55) is the 40oz small batch container with vented lid for soups, sauces, desserts, etc. The other is a 20oz travel cup with flip-top lid.

Vitamix 32oz Containers

Designed to create small batches, 32oz Self-Detect Wet and 32oz Self-Detect Dry containers (9.8”H) are both compatible with C Series and G Series blenders.

See Vitamix 32oz here.

Vitamix Personal Containers

The 20oz Self-Detect Blending Cup Starter Kit can be purchased separately to complement any of the Ascent blenders. Included in the kit are two 20oz cups with spill-proof lids and one blade base.

These cups allow you to blend directly in your travel cup and avoid unnecessary dishwashing. They also increase versatility as they can be used for chopping, making salad dressings, etc.

Adding a Personal Cup Adapter (including two 20oz cups with spill-proof lids) can also extend the functionality of the following full-size Vitamix Legacy Series machines: 5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Aspire Series, Creations Series, Professional Series, Total Nutrition Center, TurboBlend Series.

Some love their to-go cups, others not so much:
. pieces get stuck at the bottom and do not get blended probably because they do not chop ingredients small enough;
. they try making thick smoothies using mostly or only frozen ingredients. Reading ‘Tips for a Successful Blend’ in The Personal section above might help: it is clearly stated that ice and frozen ingredients should be added first, followed by fruit/veggies, leafy greens, dry goods and finally liquids;
. attaching adapter and cup to the base correctly can prove tricky.

Note that a 20oz Vitamix to-go cup (together with a 40oz container) is included with S Series blenders.

8oz Self-Detect Blending Bowl Starter Kit for Ascent Series
This kit includes one blade base as well as two 8oz blending containers with stackable lids (3.8”H x 4.5”Diam.). Use these dishwasher-safe blending bowls to make small batches of baby food, dips or salad dressings, or for chopping onions, garlic, etc.

While many Vitamix customers wish these jars would fit their traditional blenders, Ascent owners are generally not impressed, claiming that they are difficult to clean as food gets trapped in the threads.

Note that blades for the 8oz bowls and the 20oz cups are interchangeable.

For added flexibility, additional Vitamix replacement containers can be purchased as long as they are compatible with your model.

How to Clean Vitamix Containers

Cleaning doesn’t get easier: simply fill halfway, add a drop of dish soap and blend on highest speed for 30-60 seconds. Or use the pre-programmed Self-Cleaning setting if available on your model.

Particularly messy jars (nut butter, etc.) and lids are dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

3 Crucial Considerations

Which Vitamix to buy - Considerations

Before we go through the different models, let’s familiarize ourselves with the terminology by taking a quick look at the major features. This should help you focus on what is really important to you in a blender.

1) Container Compatibility

The easiest way to make sure you select the best Vitamix model for your needs is to start with the container. What size container(s) will meet your needs? Is one container enough, or do you need more than one? For morning smoothie fans, how many servings will you be making at once? One recipe for all or customized individual blends? Enjoyed at home or on the go?

For home cooks, will you be making smoothies, dips, salsas, ice cream, peanut butter, or maybe even grinding your own flour? Considering the number and size of servings and how often you will use your blender will help eliminate the models that do not address your particular needs.

We will first go through the different containers available and find out which container comes with which model. This should help you quickly eliminate the ones that are not a good fit so that you can focus on the best contenders.

One thing to keep in mind: some Vitamix models are more flexible than others and allow you to use more than one type of container. That is where the Ascent series truly shines – without any need for adapters.

Compatibility by Container Size

64oz Classic: C Series
64oz Low Profile: G Series, 5300
64oz SELF-DETECT: Ascent Series

48oz: C Series, G Series
48oz SELF-DETECT: Ascent Series
48oz Dry Grains SELF-DETECT: Ascent Series

40oz: S Series

32oz: C-Series, G Series
32oz Dry Grains: C Series, G Series

20oz Cup: S Series
Personal Cup (&) Adapter: Legacy Series (5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Aspire Series, Creations Series, Professional Series, Total Nutrition Center, TurboBlend Series)
Blending Cup Starter Kit: Ascent Series
Blending Bowl Starter Kit: Ascent Series
S Series Blade Base: S Series

Container Compatibility by Series

C Series
64oz Classic
32oz Dry Grains

G Series
64oz Low Profile
32oz Dry Grains

S Series
20oz Cup
S Series Blade Base

Ascent Series
48oz Dry Grains SELF-DETECT
Blending Cup Starter Kit (20oz)
Blending Bowl Starter Kit (8oz)

Legacy Series
Personal Cup (&) Adapter: 5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Aspire Series, Creations Series, Professional Series, Total Nutrition Center, TurboBlend Series
64oz LP: 5300

2) Automation

Whatever your cooking style, Vitamix has the perfect blender machine for you.

Variable Speed and Pulse allow you full control over the texture of your blends, either using switches and dials or touchscreen. Just know that, according to the manufacturer, electronic key pads tend to have a higher failure rate than dials and knobs.

For precise processing, timers have been integrated into the Ascent series, either digital (A2300, A2500) or touch programmable (A3300, A3500).

Live to multitask? Enjoy automated blender recipes using pre-programmed settings featured on the following models:
5 Presets
(Smoothies, Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, Self Cleaning)
780 G Series Legacy
750 G Series Pro Heritage
300 G Series Pro
A3500 G Series Ascent
750 C Series Pro
4 Presets
(Smoothies, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, Power Blends)
S55 S Series Personal
3 Presets
(Smoothies, Hot Soup, Frozen Desserts)
A2500 G Series Ascent
500 C Series Pro
2 Presets
(Smoothies, Power Blends)
S50 S Series Personal
No Presets
7500 G Series Legacy
5300 G Series Legacy
5200 G Series Legacy
200 C Series Pro
A2300 G Series Ascent
A3300 G Series Ascent
S30 S Series Personal

3) Vitamix Warranty

10 year
Ascent Series
7 year
Legacy Series
Professional Series
Personal S55
5 year
Personal S30 & S50

Your own juice bar with the best home blender

It is well known that Vitamix high-end blenders are routinely used by professionals in the best juice bars and restaurants around the world. There’s a reason for that: consistent, unsurpassed results in taste and texture… a small price to pay to bring home this level of quality!

Vitamix offers home cooks blenders that are truly commercial grade, empowering them to achieve at the press of a button results worthy of a chef or, if such is their preference, blend delicious daily smoothies as flawlessly as their local juice bar, and for a fraction of the cost.

The Vitamix food blender is a truly intelligent option in the kitchen: minimal time and effort for an array of amazing results, PLUS the easiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What more can one wish for?

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