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Food Processors


If food processors were given a title, it should be THE time savers of small appliances. A variety of interchangeable attachments such as cutting blades and slicing or shredding disks turn these little sous-chefs into amazing multitaskers.

Avoid the drudgery of repetitive prep work like chopping, slicing, shredding/grating, grinding – and even some mixing or kneading! Just put these super achievers to work and save your time and energy.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System ReviewLooking for a great multi-tasking food processor? Our Ninja Mega Kitchen System review will show you how this versatile small appliance may well have everything you’re looking for. Multiple blades for different types of food processing are included. The powerful engine outstrips the ability of food processors costing literally two and three times as much. And by the way, this food processor is also an efficient blender – and a juicer to boot! Interested? Let’s take a closer look.[…]

Scoring the Food Processor vs Blender Battle

Food Processor vs BlenderHave you ever wondered exactly which product would win in a food processor vs blender showdown?

It usually depends on what you are trying to make, because they generally are used for different jobs. You will even find some companies make a blender food processor combo.

For instance, there are several Cuisinart blender food processor models which deliver the best of both worlds so you don’t have to buy two separate machines.[…]

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