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Choosing the Best Breville Juicer for You

How to pick the best Breville juicerSelecting the best Breville juicer is not an easy task. Coming from Down Under, they’re all so good looking and abundantly appealing… so how do you pick one and leave the rest behind? Or perhaps more importantly, which one will serve you better?

Breville see themselves as “food thinkers” who seize inspiration from their food insights to innovate and, as they humbly put it, “create simple moments of brilliance”. Their small appliances have been extremely well received – in particular their juice fountains.

Let’s find out if these Aussies can truly deliver…

In 1932, Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville combined their names to form the Breville brand. First dedicated to making radios, they converted to producing mine detectors during the war. Post World War II, they switched their attention to small appliances and never looked back.

Their juice fountains have certainly played a huge role in their success, and for good reason. Through a series of innovations, Breville has addressed head on some issues inherent to the world of juicing.

We will first look at their top range of juice fountains (Duo, Elite), then cover the middle range (Multi-Speed, Cold, Plus), and finally the Compact.

Common Features

Apart from being centrifugal as opposed to masticating, all Breville juicers have the following features in common, starting with some clever innovations created specifically in order to make juicing easier:

. Large 3″ (7.6cm) circular feed tube processes whole fruit – 3.3″ (8.2cm) for the Plus JE98XL;

. Direct central feed system ensures maximum juice extraction while minimizing vibration and noise;

. Centered dual knife blade assembly for greater stability;

. Nutri Disc with ultra sharp titanium reinforced cutting disc or stainless steel cutting disc (depending on model) in a stainless steel juicing basket with Italian micro mesh filter – that’s 40,000 filtering pores – is capable of extracting up to 30% more juice as well as 40% more vitamins and minerals than other machines;

. All materials that come in contact with food are BPA-free, ensuring safe use;

. Safety locking arm prevents the juicer from operating if cover is not locked into place;

. Overload protection prevents over-heating and automatically shuts down the machine in case of overload.

. Easy cord storage: wrap it around the appliance’s feet and clip into position under the base. The Breville Assist plug integrates a finger hole to assist removal from the power outlet.

. Breville Juicer Cleaning: if you’re looking for an easy to clean juicer, the Breville centrifugal juicer is easy to clean no matter which model you choose. All parts can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, except for the Nutri Disc and the food pusher. A cleaning brush is included to facilitate cleanup.

. 1 Year Limited Product Warranty

Breville Juice Fountain Duo BJE820XL

Breville Juicer BJE820XLBreville prides itself on using their food insights to bring innovations into the world of cooking. The realization that juicing is best for harder fruit and veggies, while blending works better for softer fruit and ice, prompted them to create the Breville juice fountain Duo juicer which is in fact two countertop appliances in one.

Built for durability, the heavy grade die-cast metal body of the Duo houses an ultra quiet 1,200-watt motor, making the Breville BJE820XL the most powerful of all models. Commercial performance, designed for the home market.

Another unique feature is its five electronic variable speeds from 6,500rpm up to 13,000rpm intended to maximize juice yield no matter what you choose to juice – from soft fruit to harder fruit, from vegetables to leafy greens.

Last but not least, this dual-disc juicing fountain allows you to juice AND puree:

. the Nutri Disc shreds harder foods and spins out the pulp;

. the stainless steel Puree disc processes soft produce for 100% fruit smoothies.

The Breville juicer BJE820XL is a clear choice if you enjoy smoothies, as this is the only model that comes with two dedicated discs, another clever innovation. Juice and blend in one and save countertop space – what’s there not to like?

The Breville juicer Duo measures 17″H x 13.5″W x 8.5″D and comes with:

. 1.1 qt (1 L) juice jug with froth separator;
. 3.2 qt (3 L) extra large pulp container.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL

Breville 800JuicerIntroduced as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of juicers, the Breville 800JEXL also sports a heavy grade die-cast metal body housing a powerful 1,000-watt motor. A streamlined classic exterior with more than enough power to get the job done – expertly, of course. More commercial performance aimed at the home market.

A simple dual switch takes care of hard fruit and vegetables on High (13,000rpm), or softer ones on Low (6,500rpm), producing up to 30% more juice than traditional machines, according to the manufacturer.

The Breville Elite juicer measures 17″H x 13.5″W x 8.5″D and comes with:

. 1.1 qt (1 L) juice jug with froth separator;
. 3.2 qt (3 L) extra large pulp container.

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed

Breville juicer BJE510XLLike the Duo, this juice fountain offers a choice of five speeds ranging from 6,500rpm to 12,500rpm intended to maximize juice yield based on produce softness or hardness.

Its smart juicing system includes a built-in smart chip that adjusts power to the cutting disk for maximum efficiency. An interactive LCD display helps select the right speed each time.

The heavy grade polymer body houses a 900-watt motor.

The Breville Juice Fountain Multi Speed measures 20.375″H x 10.75″W x 16.5″D and comes with:

. 1.1 qt (1 L) juice jug with froth separator;
. extra large 3.2 qt (3 L) pulp container.

This model has a detachable spout so you can juice directly into a glass.

PLEASE NOTE: The Breville multi speed juicer has been discontinued and is being replaced by the 800 Elite above.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold BJE430SIL

Breville BJE430SIL the juice fountain ColdThe heavy grade polymer body houses a 850-watt motor and features dual control for High (13,000rpm) or Low speed (6,500rpm).

Two innovations are introduced with the Breville Cold juicer:

. a unique elevated juicing system which allows the juice to flow up through a nozzle and into a super size 70oz juice jug;

. the Breville juicer BJE430SIL boasts Cold Spin Technology* which allows for juice to be extracted as cold as cold press juice with less than 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit temperature transfer.

* Based on independent laboratory tests done by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute and commissioned by Breville, comparing Breville juicers versus slow/masticating juicers versus high speed blenders.

It is well known that the heat from processing fresh produce can damage its vitamins and minerals. But using this technology, juice can be created in a fraction of a second unlike high-speed blenders which can take up to a minute.

Another helpful component is the precision mesh filter that ensures insignificant temperature increase. According to Breville, this results in juice getting extracted as cold as cold press and masticating slow juicers. The Breville Juice Fountain Cold juicer measures 17″H x 9″W x 14.5″D and comes with:

. 70 oz (2 L) Seal & Store juice jug with sealing lid & froth separator;
. 3.6 qt (3.4 L) extra large pulp container.

This model is perfect for a large family – or you can store the extra juice in the door of your refrigerator for up to 3 days. This high capacity juice jug allows you to juice less often, saving time on preparation and cleanup – a convenient way to keep healthy!

Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL

Breville juice fountain Plus reviewThe Breville juicer Plus is the most affordable of all Breville’s full-sized models and offers a good entry point into the world of juicing.

This big mouth juicer distinguishes itself by a larger feeder tube measuring 3.3″ (8.2cm) in diameter.

Its heavy grade polymer body houses a 850-watt motor and features dual speed control: Low (6,500rpm) and High (12,000rpm).

This JE98XL juicer measures 19.625″H x 11.25″W x 13.875″D and comes with:

. 1.1 qt (1 L) juice jug with froth separator;
. 2.6 qt (2.5 L) pulp container

Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL

Breville BJE200XL Compact juice fountainEquipped with a 700-watt motor and featuring one speed (14,000rpm) though plenty of power, this model collects pulp within its own footprint, saving extra counter space.

The Breville BJE200XL measures 16″H x 9.5″W x 9.5″D and comes with:

. 25oz (.74L/800ml) juice jug with froth separator;
. 1.6 qt (1.5 L) pulp container

It is well known that leafy greens such as kale, spinach and wheatgrass are best processed using a masticating juicer, so if you like green juicing, this may not be your best choice due to its lack of a low speed.

Compare Breville Juicers

Here’s a quick recap of the main varying features to help you find the best Breville juicer for you.

1. Motor

1200W: Duo BJE820XL
1000W: Elite 800JEXL
900W: Multi-Speed BJE510XL
850W: Cold BJE430SIL, PlusJE98XL
700W: Compact BJE200XL

2. Speed Control

5 Speeds
.from 6,500rpm to 13,000rpm: Duo BJE820XL
.from 6,500rpm to 12,500rpm: Multi-Speed BJE510XL

2 Speeds (Low: leafy vegetables/soft fruit; High: denser fruit/harder vegetables)
.6,500rpm & 13,000rpm: Elite 800JEXL, Cold BJE430SIL
.6,500rpm & 12,000rpm: PlusJE98XL

1 Speed
.14,000rpm: Compact BJE200XL

3. Nutri Disc

Ultra sharp titanium reinforced cutting disc: Duo BJE820XL, Elite 800JEXL, Multi-Speed BJE510XL
Stainless steel cutting disc: PlusJE98XL, Cold BJE430SIL

4. Feed Chute Size

3.3″ (8.2cm): Plus JE98XL
3″ (7.6cm): all others

5. Juice Jug Capacity

70oz (2L): Cold BJE430SIL
1.1 quart (1L): Duo BJE820XL, Multi-Speed BJE510XL, Elite 800JEXL, Plus JE98XL
25oz (.74L): Compact BJE200XL

6. Pulp Container Capacity

3.6 quart (3.4L): Cold BJE430SIL
3.2 quart (3L): Elite 800JEXL, Duo BJE820XL, Multi-Speed BJE510XL
2.6 quart (2.5L): Plus JE98XL
1.6 quart (1.5L): Compact BJE200XL

Picking the Right Fountain of Juice

Compare Breville juicersOne common complaint about any of the above models – or any centrifugal juicer for that matter – is that every drop of juice does not get extracted from your produce, specially leafy greens. The company itself warns about the issue:

“If juicing herbs or leafy green vegetables on their own, the juice yield will be low due to the nature of centrifugal juicing. It is advised to juice then with a combination of other fruit and vegetables.”

That is the compromise you make for the convenience of saving time and effort. Masticating juicers are more efficient in that regard, but they require a lot of prepping, the juicing process itself is laborious, and cleanup alone often discourages people from continuing with their juicing.

So you need to weigh the options carefully before making a decision. Many rabid juicing fans battle with a masticating juicer for years before finally throwing in the towel and opting for convenience – either stop juicing, or continue with a centrifugal juicer.

Add the fact that these juicers provide greater juice extraction plus higher vitamin and mineral retention than comparable machines, and it’s a no brainer.

One tip that bears mentioning: all models are equipped with powerful motors and will send produce shooting out of the chute unless you use the food pusher!!!

800JEXL Elite

Based on customer reviews, the clear winner is the Breville 800. People have voted, and it would appear that being seriously into juicing does not necessarily mean being into smoothies as well.

These consumers prefer a dedicated electric juicer that simply gets the job done quickly, efficiently and like a true expert. They fully understand the benefits of juicer versus blender, begging the question: does that make the Elite juicer a true ‘fountain of juice’? 😉

“Work Horse” is a moniker often used by happy owners when affectionately referring to their Breville Elite.

There have been a few complaints about a little leakage sometimes occurring between the rim of the juicer and the cover of the filter. Pushing the food pusher down more slowly may help.

BJE820XL Duo

The Breville BJE820XL Duo comes in a close second in terms of how much it is appreciated. It seems that fewer people who enjoy juicing are also into smoothies, but those who do love their Duo and have gone so far as to call it a “beast”. They are thoroughly impressed with its “outstanding quality, engineering and performance”.

Many have purchased a Duo after years of experimenting with other expensive juicers (including masticating ones) and were looking for something more user friendly. They are impressed with the fact that this machine juices in the blink of an eye without heating up their juices – even after hours of juicing – and for a fraction of the cost of comparable blenders they own.

They appreciate the heavy duty materials as well as the control they have over speed so they can adjust specifically for whatever produce they are juicing for maximum results.

They particularly love the extra functionality they can get out of a single appliance. Aside from juicing, they enjoy making apple sauce, baby foods, even frozen banana ‘ice cream’.

Some are happy to use a green superfood powder instead of leafy greens on a daily basis, or simply use their masticating juicer for a juice fast.

BJE200XL Compact

Since leafy greens are better processes at low speed, the Compact’s single speed (14,000rpm) is not ideal if you favor green juicing. Bearing in mind that high speed is for denser fruit and harder vegetables (and according to Breville’s Speed Selector table), the ideal produce for this model are: apples, beets, brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, fennel and hard pears.

But surprisingly perhaps, the Breville Compact juicer is their third most popular juicer with a very healthy number of enthusiastic supporters. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, and people have found creative ways to bend their Compact to their will.

For more efficient juicing, feed leafy greens slowly first, then add juicier fruit. Larger leaves like kale are better stacked and rolled together. Spinach or collard leaves are easier to juice if they are first stacked together and then wrapped inside a large kale leaf. Remember to feed slowly!

This model has an indisputable advantage: its size means that the Breville juicer BJE200XL can easily reside on your counter top, unobtrusively reminding you that a healthy lifestyle is right at your fingertips whenever you wish.

JE98XL Plus

The Plus is one of the most reviewed of these famous juice fountains, even with its 850-watt motor and smaller juice jug and pulp containers.

According to one reviewer, it took only one minute to produce enough juice for four people, with an additional 2-3 minutes for cleanup. Sure, the slightly larger 3.3″ chute helps, but only marginally.

The choice of two settings in order to help extract the most juice out of a wide range of produce is also appreciated.

The name ‘Joe Cross’ became closely associated with Breville juicers following the release of the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” in 2011, and many now want to know just what juicer does Joe Cross use.

It gets confusing, as two machines now actually feature his name, one of which comes as a bundle which includes a great number of accessories geared towards children (popsicle molds, juice bottles, etc). It’s important to note that both have an on/off button only with no control over speed.

The juicer that Joe Cross is seen using in his famous video is the dual speed Breville Fountain Plus.

BJE510XL Multi-Speed

Though it was well received, this model has been discontinued leaving only the Duo featuring five speeds.

BJE430SIL Cold

And finally, we have the Cold which seems to have left most people a little – well, cold. It seems that quality and quantity have taken second place to speed, and many complain about the pulp being much too wet. On the other hand, those who love their Cold juice fountain appreciate its larger pitcher and pulp container.

Yes, it allows you to make comparatively large amounts of juice in one go, saving precious time and effort cleaning up. Plus the juice will be drinkable for up to three days as long as it is refrigerated.

Here’s the missing piece of information crucial to those who juice for their health or to help lose weight: freshly pressed juice must be consumed immediately. If not, many nutrients and enzymes start breaking down and the benefits are greatly diminished!!! 🙁

Breville juicer reviewsSo let’s be clear: if you’re looking to extract every drop of juice out of your produce, a masticating juicer is what you need.

But be prepared for a lot of preliminary prep, plus cleanup is so tedious that the great majority of people end up throwing in the towel and giving up on juicing altogether.

Dreams of a healthier lifestyle go up in smoke. But that doesn’t have to happen: a Breville centrifugal juicer is a good compromise.

Given the limitations of the centrifugal type of juicer, these juice fountains are hard to beat. And if you worry about leftover juice in the pulp, why not integrate the pulp in your baking (muffins) or cooking (soups, stews), or even start making pulp patties? Once baked, they make great, healthy snacks – food for thought!

Since the Juice Fountain was released in 1999, over 4 million units have been sold (the biggest seller in the world according to Breville). Looks to me like these boys truly know how to deliver – in spades!

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