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The Juicer vs Blender Argument

juicer versus blenderStuck in the middle of a juicer vs blender argument? Perhaps you don’t have the finances to purchase two separate machines. Maybe you want to find out if one of these helpful kitchen products, a blender or a juicer, can handle the job of its counterpart as well. That would mean you could simply purchase one kitchen appliance instead of two, saving room on your crowded counter and putting a few dollars back in your pocket. Let’s dig a little deeper into the juicer versus blender battle and see what we find.

Blender Versus Juicer: The Similarities

A lot of blenders and juicers look basically the same. They are both intended to use on your countertop or table, and are very supportive of a healthy, raw food lifestyle. Both of these handy kitchen machines are easy to use and affordable models are available.

The opposite is true as well, with high-end, multi-function juicing and blending machines popular for health-minded individuals with deep pockets. Both types of machines have models available with dishwasher safe parts. And you can get started at the entry level in both cases for around $50.

Juicing Versus Blending: the Differences

There are more differences in this kitchen appliance battle than there are similarities. Blenders blend and mix. They are good for handling soft foods and all liquids, with some units capable of crushing ice efficiently.

Juicers, on the other hand, extract the juice from fruit, leafy greens and vegetables. The remaining pulp is separated from the juice that is created. You would never think of attempting to crush ice in a juicer. The way juicers work does not permit it.

Blenders blend together the physical and liquid parts of the food that you mix. Juicers are aptly named, because they remove juice from foods. All you get is a thick liquid drink.

Blenders usually have a single blade. Juicers either chew and crush food to extract juice, or use centrifugal force and cutting teeth to get the job done. In the juicer vs blender showdown, comparing these 2 kitchen appliances shows that they are not very similar at all.

Who Wins the Juicer Versus Blender Battle?

The winner here depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want the healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins from fruits, leafy greens and vegetables without having to eat those foods, choose a juicer. Just remember that a juicer cannot perform all of the versatile operations of a blender.

If you want to blend, mix and combine liquids and soft foods, and possibly crushed ice, a blender is the way to go. However, a blender will never be able to extract healthy juice from foods like a machine produced specifically for that task.

Juicer Versus Blender Wrap Up

For the healthiest possible kitchen and lifestyle, you really need both a juicer and blender. But in the juicer vs blender argument, your preference is going to depend on the type of food processing you are attempting.

Breville, Vitamix, Blendtec, Margaritaville and Ninja make some highly rated blenders in a wide variety of capabilities and price ranges.

Breville, Omega, Hurom, Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach make some great juicers.

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