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Which Is The Best KitchenAid Mixer for Me?

Best KitchenAid mixerHow do I know which is the best KitchenAid mixer for me? That’s a question I hear a lot, and it’s no wonder people are confused. At last count, there were over a dozen impressive models to choose from, distributed across three series: the Classic, the Artisan and the Professional.

But there’s more. Each mixer series sports varying features to suit a specific range of cooking requirements perfectly. To make matters worse, each model comes in its own array of colors.

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KitchenAid Classic Series

KitchenAid Classic Series

The Classic series sports a tilt-head stand design with a non-hinged hub cover, providing easy access to both bowl and beater accessories. Its 4.5-quart bowl has an 8-cup Flour Power rating, meaning you can mix up to 8 cups of flour in each batch.

4.5-quart Classic mixers feature three motor sizes:
. the 250-watt Classic K45SS –2 colors
. the 275-watt Classic Plus KSM75 –2 colors
. the 300-watt Ultra Power KSM95 –1 color

KitchenAid Artisan Series

KitchenAid Artisan Series

KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers also sport a tilt-head design with non-hinged hub cover. Except for the Mini, the 5-quart bowl capacity of the Artisan range provides a slightly higher performance than the Classic with a Flour Power rating of 9 cups.

5-Quart Artisan models:
.KSM150PS Artisan: 325-watt motor (51 colors)
.KSM152PS Artisan Custom Metallic: 325-watt motor (3 colors)
.KSM155GB Artisan Design: 325-watt motor (3 colors)
.KSM105GB Artisan (Glass Bowl & Flex Edge Beater): 300-watt motor (13 colors)

3.5-Quart Artisan:
.KSM3311X Artisan Mini: 250-watt Motor (7 colors)

KitchenAid Professional Series

The most obvious difference between KitchenAid mixers has to be the bowl-lift design of their Professional line which, together with a wider-mouth bowl, provides easier access – especially useful when adding multiple ingredients into the bowl. On the minus side, this design also forces you to remove the bowl every time you want to take a mixing paddle off.

As seen below, bowl sizes vary from 5 up to 8 quarts. More importantly, what each of these appliances can accomplish will vary significantly depending on power (325-watt to 1.3hp High Efficiency DC motor).

Professional models also enjoy technical features that help propel them to top of the class when it comes to serious baking:
. all-steel gears transmission;
. soft-start mixing feature helps prevent unsightly messes;
. commercial-style motor protection;
. electronic speed sensor

KitchenAid Professional 5 Quart

5-Quart Professional

KV25GOX Professional 5 Plus: 450-watt motor (5 colors)
KSM500PS Pro 500 Series: 325-watt motor (1 color)

6-Quart Professional

KP26M1X Professional 600: 575-watt motor (22 colors)
KL26M1X Professional 6: 575-watt motor (1 color)
KF26M1X Professional 600 Design: 550-watt motor (5 colors)

KitchenAid Professional High Efficiency

6-Quart Professional with 1.0 hp High Efficiency DC motor

KSM6521X Professional 6500 Design Series (5 colors)
KSM6573C Professional 6000 HD (1 color)

7-Quart Professional with 1.3 hp High Efficiency DC motor

KSM7586 Pro Line Series (6 colors)

8-Quart Professional with 1.3 hp High Efficiency DC motor

KSM8990 (5 colors)
KSMC895 NSF (5 colors)

If you need a mixer that can efficiently power through heavy, dense mixtures or do a lot of baking, look no further than the Professional series. All Professional mixers will do a good job dealing with a fair amount of dough, but those built with more powerful DC (direct current) motors are more durable and energy efficient and are equipped to power through heavier doughs. Find out more about the best Professional mixers to handle heavy dough here.

Mixer Attachments

Here’s a true game changer which weighs heavily in making KitchenAid’s the best countertop mixers on the market: Kitchen Aid mixers incorporate a hub which extends the versatility of this already brilliant small appliance to stratospheric levels, simply by adding any one of their ever expanding line of attachments. Check out our review of the best KitchenAid stand mixer attachments on the market and prepare to be amazed…

KitchenAid Mixer Comparison: the Basics

Don’t you wish someone could just point a finger at a particular KitchenAid mixer and instantly solve everyone’s problem? But it’s not so simple. Fortunately, these countertop mixers all have some basic features in common:
. Planetary action (59-point for Classic & Artisan);
. Attachment hub for increased versatility (hinged for all but Classic);
. Direct drive transmission;
. Mixing speeds: 10.

The Professional series benefits from some special features:
. Planetary action (67-point);
. Bowl-lift design;
. Bowl size (5-8 quarts);
. Power (up to 1.3 hp High Efficiency DC motor).

Now let’s focus on the most important KitchenAid mixer differences that clearly make some KitchenAid models more suitable for certain tasks (motor power, bowl sizes) as well as colors available for each series (because it’s hard to resist displaying them) in order to help you narrow down the best stand mixer for you.

Which KitchenAid Mixer Is the Best for…?

Best Mixer for Baking

The Artisan is the KitchenAid’s most popular series and ideal if you enjoy baking on a regular basis. And if counter space is at a premium, the Mini is perfect for tight spaces.

Best Bread Dough Mixer

If you plan on mixing a lot of heavy dough, a strong motor is clearly a must, and a spiral burnished metal dough hook a close second. For heavy bakers, three KitchenAid heavy duty mixers stand out as ‘powerhouses’ of the KitchenAid stable:
.the 6-Quart Professional 6000 HD (KSM6573C) with 1.0 hp High Efficiency DC motor has earned the moniker “The Beast” from an enthusiastic owner and deemed more quiet than the Professional 600. Its tulip-shaped bowl makes it easier to add ingredients;
.the 7-Quart Pro Line Series (KSM7586) with 1.3 hp High Efficiency DC motor is by the manufacturer’s own account “…our longest lasting and most efficient motor yet.” Enough said.
.the 8-quart NSF Commercial mixers KSM8990 (with guard) & KSMC895 (without guard) come with all the bells and whistles guaranteed to get the job done if you’re looking for the best mixing appliance for a home bakery business for example.

Best Food Mixer

The Classic is the best cooking mixer for smaller quantities.

When choosing the best appliance for your needs, fixating on price or color may do you a disservice. Try instead to focus on the tasks you will be entrusting to your new mixer, as well as the quantities you are most likely to deal with. After all, who needs a little sous-chef that can’t meet your expectations?


Bowl (quarts)
8: Professional KSM8990 NSF, KSMC895 NSF
7: Professional KSM7586
6: Professional KP26M1X, KL26M1X, KF26M1X, KSM6521X, KSM6573C
5: Artisan Series; Professional KV25GOX, KSM500PS
4.5: Classic series
3.5: Artisan Mini
Glass: Artisan KSM152PS, KSM105GB; Professional KF26M1X, KSM6521X

Motor (watts)
250: Classic K45SS; Artisan KSM3311X
275: Classic KSM75
300: Classic KSM95; Artisan KSM105GB;
325: Artisan KSM150PS, KSM152PS, KSM155GB; Pro KSM500PS
450: Professional KV25GOX
550: Professional KF26M1X
575: Professional KP26M1X, 6 KL26M1X
1.0 hp: Professional KSM6521X, KSM6573C
1.3 hp: Professional KSM7586, KSM8990 NSF, KSMC895 NSF

.Nylon-coated: Classic series; Artisan series; Professional 5 Plus, 6000, 6500
.Burnished metal: Classic Plus, Ultra Power; Professional 500, 600, Pro Line Series 7Qt; Commercial NSF 8Qt
.C Nylon-coated: Classic series; Artisan series
.C Burnished metal: Classic Plus, Ultra Power
.Spiral Burnished metal: Professional 500, 600, 6000, 6500, Pro Line; Commercial NSF
.Spiral Nylon-coated: Professional 5 Plus
.11-wire: Commercial NSF 8Qt
.6-wire: all others
POURING SHIELD: Artisan KSM150PS, KSM152PS; Professional KP26M1X, KSM500PS

12.3″H x 7.8″W x 12.3″D: Artisan Mini
13 15/16″H x 8 3/4″W x 14 1/8″D: Classic series, Artisan series
16 1/2″H x 11 5/16″W x 14 5/8″D: Professional series

Weight (lbs)
18: Artisan Mini
25: Classic, Artisan
26: Classic Plus, Ultra Power, Artisan Custom Metallic
27: Professional 6000 HD
29: Artisan Design, Professional 5 Plus, Pro 500
30: Professional series
32: Professional Pro Line, Professional NSF
34: Professional Design
37: Professional 6500 Design

5-Year Limited Total Replacement: Limited Edition Pro Line® Series 7-Qt KSM7588PCP
2-Year Full Warranty: NSF Certified® Commercial Series 8-Qt Bowl Lift KSM8990/KSMC895
1-Year Limited Warranty: All others

Macaroon Bliss with KitchenAid mixersThere are three main features to keep in mind that are crucial to selecting the right appliance for you so that you don’t end up disappointed in your choice:
Motor Power: the greater the power, the easier it will be for your mixer to handle heavy bread or pizza dough;
Bowl: a larger bowl will come in handy if you are likely to double or triple recipes on a regular basis; another thing to remember is that the Classic’s bowl does not have a handle which makes it harder to manoeuver;
Weight: if you will need to carry the beast back and forth from storage, you might also want to take weight into consideration.

Shopping for a stand mixer can be overwhelming. There are many reasons why KitchenAid mixers have long been some of the best rated kitchen appliances out there. Buying a KitchenAid mixer is truly an investment, especially when you consider the hub feature which makes it possible to expand the scope of these mixers to ice cream and pasta makers, grinders, spiralizers, fruit and vegetable strainers, citrus juicers, and so much more.

KitchenAid mixer best priceBut how to get the best deals for KitchenAid mixers? We let our fingers do the walking and found absolute gems in terms of pricing tips that will help you find amazing deals. A number of merchants offer KitchenAid mixers online, and top among them is Amazon. Not only do they offer highly competitive prices, but you may also get free shipping which can make a big difference.

Keep your eyes peeled for sales and extra goodies you can benefit from: today, Amazon is offering a 20% saving on the Artisan with Super Saver Shipping on orders $25 and over. But that’s not all: a $30 post-purchase KitchenAid mixer rebate can also be obtained which includes a one-year subscription to Food & Wine or Travel + Leisure – for a total saving of just over $100 from the original list price! Customers also regularly comment on the speedy delivery, plus some items can even be shipped to APO/FPO addresses.

Bear with me and see how the price of a KitchenAid mixer can fluctuate. Case in point: today, the three lowest prices on 5-quart mixers (Metallic Chrome, Ice, Pink) are reduced by $50, while the lowest priced 6-quart (Cinnamon Gloss) is reduced by $140 – which makes the 6-quart mixer only $66 (plus tax) more than the 5-quart!

The highest priced 5-quart stand mixer (Brushed Nickel Custom Metallic Series) is reduced by $130, but the most expensive 6-quart (Dark Pewter) is reduced by $140. In other words, you would pay $80 more today for a smaller capacity stand mixer! It could be that Amazon is clearing out some colors in overstock, but I also happen to know that the Professional is highly popular in Cinnamon Gloss. Like any good retailer, Amazon is probably using loss leaders, so if you don’t mind being flexible on color, that gem could be yours for a song so to speak.

Click on ‘Buy New’ to check Kitchen Aid mixer sales from different merchants. Some provide international shipping, while others only ship within the continental USA. Make sure you check the seller’s reputation and other information such as their shipping rates, return policy, etc. Right now, there are 20 featured merchants with over $129 difference in price between the highest and lowest offers, so finding a good deal on KitchenAid mixers is not a problem.

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