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Choosing the Best Quiet Blender

Best Quiet BlenderWhat started me on my quest for the best quiet blender I could find? I’ll tell you, and my story might just be something you can identify with… There I am, happily blending away in my kitchen one day with my noisy blender (and singing just as loudly trying to drown out the noise). It crushed, grated, puréed, mixed and blended like a champion. I had no problem with the quality of the blender or its versatility. It was great, but it was also…VERY LOUD! I mean seriously, you could not hold a conversation with somebody while it was running.

So anyway, back to the story. I am blending up some healthy smoothies for a family get-together. I had the day off, so I volunteered to whip together some delicious, frosty and nutritious frozen drinks for the two dozen or so people that would be attending the party. I had a lot of blending to do.

I am happily blending away, singing to distract myself from the noise (if you can call it singing), pouring individual smoothie serving sizes into sealable drink containers, and repeating the process over and over. When all of a sudden, I hear a loud rattling “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!” on the door which leads from our kitchen to the side of our house. I almost knocked over the blender and made a huge mess!

I wheeled around quickly, only to see my next-door neighbor and friend looking extremely concerned, frightened and perplexed. I quickly calmed down and walked across the room to let her in. I ask, “Betty, what is the problem? Is everything okay?”

“I have been calling you all morning. I knew you were home, because you said you were going to be getting ready for the party tomorrow. I must have called a dozen times. When you didn’t answer, I walked over. When I was 50 feet away from your house, I heard what sounded like a chainsaw, then I heard you screaming! What is going on?”, Betty said.

I threw my head back and laughed hysterically, and then explained exactly what was going on. My neighbor had envisioned a horror movie psychopath with a chainsaw (my noisy blender) doing what chainsaw psychopaths do, as I screamed in horror (so much for my singing!).

Bottom line? Time to start shopping for the best quiet blender I could find. I will not bore you with the details of how I conduct my research when I am bound and determined to find a solution to a problem. I am like a hound dog on a scent trail, researching customer reviews, chatting in online forums, looking through “top 10” lists and spending hours, if not days, absorbing all of that information to locate the best possible product.

Suffice it to say that all that time and effort on my part resulted in sniffing out what many people believe to be some of the quietest blenders you will find anywhere. Here they are, with your neighbors’ gratefulness)…

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The Quietest Blender (on a budget)

The Quietest Ninja Professional NJ600If you want the best quiet blender without spending a lot of money, check out these Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) features:
• Huge 72 ounce pitcher with no-spill pour spout
• Powerful 1,000 watt professional grade motor
• Dishwasher safe lid, blades and pitcher
• Super quiet operation
• 1 year warranty

Check user reviews and current price here.
Note that the above NJ600 is being discontinued.

The Jamba Quiet Blender

Jamba Quiet Blender 58916The Jamba Juice Company (renowned for their freshly squeezed juice retail stores) is bringing the ‘Blend in the Good’ experience into your home with the Jamba Quiet Shield Blender (58916).

This Jamba Quiet blender comes with two dishwasher-safe jars – a 32-oz jar and a 20-oz personal single serve– as well as a custom tamper and a recipe book. Here is what you can expect from the Jamba Quiet blender:
• Significantly quieter than the leading competitors
• Sound enclosure minimizes noise while blending
• Powerful 1.6 peak HP motor easily pulverizes ice cubes and tough fruits & vegetables
• Infinite speed control with pulse

Check user reviews and current price here.

The Ultimate Quiet Blender (no regards to budget)

Ultimate Quiet Blender Blendtec Stealth 100340Restaurants, smoothie stores and other retail operations shopping for a quiet blender do not care about cost. They simply want a whisper quiet blender that can do everything they need. They also want a durable product that will give them no problems, clean up easily, and last for years. If that is what you have in mind, the Blendtec Stealth Countertop Blender 100340 (known in many circles as the quietest blender in the world – it blends at normal conversation levels!) offers these qualities:
• Possibly the quietest blender ever made
• Super strong 1,800 watt commercial grade motor
• 42 pre-programmed blending cycles
• 2 large 96-ounce pitchers
• 3 year warranty

Check our review here

In the honorable mention category (meaning it is a blender that is much quieter than most) is the Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series. Priced between the 2 super quiet blenders above, this blender is super quiet and versatile. Backed with an awesome 7-year warranty from a company that makes blenders (and nothing but blenders) and has been doing so since 1921.

Bet you are surprised that we are not recommending the Vitamix Quiet One here, but it is truly overkill for residential use: apart from being really expensive, its warranty only extends for 3 years as it is a commercial blender. Other slightly quieter Vitamix blenders would be the Vitamix 750 Heritage or the 7500. A good compromise for top quality and added versatility.

In weighing down your options for the best quiet blender that is perfect for you, price is of course a major consideration, but don’t forget to also check the warranty (and jar options)!

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