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Vitamix CIA Blender Reviews

Vitamix CIA ReviewDid you know that the Vitamix name was inspired by the latin for ‘life’ (vita)? Back in 1937, the founder of the company, William Grover Barnard, made the connection between health and the ability to prepare great-tasting healthy foods quickly and easily… now that’s what I call visionary!

For nearly a century, Vitamix has been making a name for itself manufacturing nothing but blenders. Judging by the number of Vitamix blender reviews from satisfied owners, it’s obvious that their stellar reputation is based on a solid foundation. Few appliances command instant respect like the Vitamix CIA blender: tall, slim, sharp – you just know he means business. CIA groomed, it’s no surprise… 😉

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Vitamix CIA Professional Main Features

Vitamix CIA ProfessionalConsidered by many a professional grade blender, the Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender is highly unlikely to disappoint. This blender comes packed with a heap of quality features which are sure to help you maintain (or adopt) a healthy diet with ease:

• Powerful Motor
Vitamix and the CIA produced a commercial grade 1,380-watt, 120-volt blender operating on 120 volts with a 2-HP motor that can generate blade speeds of up to 240 MPH, enough to tackle any tasks you throw at it.
• Versatile Machine
The Vitamix CIA blender is incredibly versatile, perfect for blending, pureeing, chopping, juicing, grinding, and more.
• Large Blending Jug
The huge 64 oz blending jug sports an ergonomically designed, soft-grip handle and is large enough to deal with every course of a meal, from soup to dessert. Just check one of the recipe books that come with this blender for inspiration.
• Durable Construction
Vitamix built its reputation on the quality of its blending appliances, and this blender is no different as it features a 3”D stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades assembly, as well as a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.
• Exclusive Recipe Books and DVD
With this blender you get an exclusive recipe book which comes with a host of fantastic recipes to help get you started with your new appliance.


CIA Vitamix blenders come with a 7-year full warranty.


This blender measures 8.75”D x 7.25”W x 20.5”H and weighs 10 lbs, 9 ounces.


The Vitamix CIA comes with a tamper whose role is to help process thick mixtures such as frozen desserts or peanut butter. It is designed with a special collar in order to keep it from hitting the blades.

But Vitamix has included three delightful surprises which will literally make your eyes pop:
“Recipes and Techniques from the CIA Master Chefs”, a new recipe book exclusive to Vitamix which features over 20 recipes created by the CIA’s Certified Master Chefs;

“Create”, a recipe book (easel-designed to save counter space) packed with more than 300 easy recipes from top professional chefs like Michael Symon, Hugh Carpenter and Joanne Weir;

“Let’s Get Started”, a DVD cooking class with Chef Michael Symon;

Not only will you instantly get a heap of ideas to help make your favorite recipes easier and quicker, but if you’re new to cooking, a professional book filled with easy to prepare recipes is absolutely the best place to get started!

CIA Vita mix Blender Pros and Cons


• Easy to Use
Always a relief when you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to operate your new appliance.
• Exceptional Performance
The Vitamix 1363 CIA, designed with the help of the CIA, is the only blender the Culinary Institute of America will use to train future chefs. That’s because this machine can truly deliver when it comes to processing a broad variety of ingredients and textures.
• Easy to Clean
Simply pour water and a drop of dish soap into the appliance and run it on High for 30 seconds, then rinse… doesn’t get any easier than this.
• Healthy Living
This blender is so easy to use with so many options for healthy snacks and drinks that consumers say it’s responsible for increasing their consumption of fruits and vegetables.


• A Little Bit Loud
It can be a little loud during operation – although nothing ear bursting. In any case, it completes its tasks so quickly that you’re unlikely to have to listen to it for too long at any one time.

If the CIA is not for you, check out which ones made our list of the very best Vitamix blenders, including the new Next Generation models!

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