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KitchenAid Classic Mixer Review

KitchenAid Classic mixerSome would say that, compared to their other mixer series, the KitchenAid Classic is rather dull looking. So does a rather uninspiring appearance make the KitchenAid Classic mixer the runt of the litter, or is it more of a basic Rolls-Royce in disguise?

What is it that makes one happy customer wax poetic over her Classic, comparing it to this icon of automobiles? Our KitchenAid Classic mixer review will help you peek under the hood and find out the true facts…

KitchenAid Classic Features

Tilt-head Type

KitchenAid Classic Tilt-Head MixerUsers are generally grateful for the tilt-head design of the KitchenAid K45SS, stating that it provides easy access to both bowl and beaters, though it will require a little extra clearance.


At 250 watts, the Classic features the least powerful motor of all KitchenAid mixers.

4 ½-Quart Bowl Capacity

The Kitchen Aid Classic mixer series comes with a 4 1/2-quart brushed stainless steel bowl (without handle) which has an 8-cup average capacity, allowing you to mix 3 ¾ loaves of bread, 6 ¾ dozen cookies, or 6 ½ pounds of mashed potatoes.
The fact that the Classic’s bowl has no handle should concern people with weak fingers like mine. It will make the bowl harder to maneuver and remove from its base.


KitchenAid Classic MixerAttachmentsThree accessories are included with the KitchenAid Classic stand mixer:
. nylon-coated flat beater
. nylon-coated C-shape dough hook
. stainless steel 6-wire whip

Planetary Mixing Action

The trademarked KitchenAid planetary mixing action guarantees the highest beater-to-bowl coverage in the industry. The beater’s spiralling action to 67 different touching points within the bowl ensures maximum mixing efficiency, in other words less time in the kitchen!

Mixing Speeds

The KitchenAid K45SS Classic’s 10-Speed Solid-State Control with direct-drive transmission ranging from a very slow stir to a very fast whip means better control when you add ingredients. It also makes it easier to achieve perfect results.

Direct Drive Transmission

Adding direct drive transmission to the KitchenAid Classic mixer made it possible to build a more powerful stand mixer in a smaller appliance. It is more efficient than regular transmission in that it requires less space as well as fewer parts. I’m afraid that’s the best I can do on this point. Technically minded I am not.

KitchenAid Classic Features


Kitchen Aid Classic Series

KitchenAid Classic Mixer ReviewThe Classic line of KitchenAid mixers comprises three series:
. Classic Series (K45SS)
. Classic Plus Series (KSM75WH)
. Classic Ultra Power Series (KSM95ER)

Here’s a quick overview on how the latter two series differ from the basic Classic:
. The KitchenAid Classic Plus sports a 275-watt motor while the KitchenAid Ultra Power stand mixer has a more powerful 300-watt motor (25 and 50 watts respectively more than the Classic).
. Accessories also vary slightly. While the stainless steel whip is the same for all, the flat beater and dough hook are nylon-coated for the Classic and burnished metal (not dishwasher safe) for the other two series.
. The KitchenAid Classic Plus stand mixer and the KitchenAid Ultra Power each weigh 26lbs, one pound more than the Classic.

KitchenAid K45SS Color

While the Classic Plus only comes in White, the Classic and Classic Ultra Power are now being offered in a rainbow of new colors.

The K45SS Classic has acquired a new wardrobe: eight colors have been added to the original white:
Cobalt Blue
Empire Red
Green Apple
Majestic Yellow
Metallic Silver
Onyx Black

The KSM75 Classic Plus remains classic in white.

The KSM95 Classic Ultra Power‘s wardrobe sports an ambitious twelve colors:
Almond Cream Beige
Beautiful Red
Cobalt Blue
Emp Red
Empire Red
Green Apple
Majestic Yellow
Onyx Black
Metallic Silver

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer Dimensions

The Classic weighs in at 25lbs and stands 13 15/16″ tall, with a width of 8 3/4″ and a depth of 14 1/8″.

KitchenAid Classic Mixer Attachments (Optional)

KitchenAid Classic Mixer AttachmentsCitrus Juicer JE
Dough Hook K45DH
Flat Beater Burnished K5THB
Food Grinder FGA
Food Tray FT
Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Parts FVSP
Fruit & Vegetable Strainer & Grinder FVSFGA
Gourmet Specialty Attachment Pack KGSA
Ice Cream Maker KICA0WH
Mixer Attachment Pack w/ Citrus Juicer KN12AP
Mixer Attachment Pack FPPA
Pasta Excellence Kit KPEX
Pasta Cutter KPCA
Ravioli Maker KRAV
Roto Slicer w/ Shredder RSVA
Sausage Stuffer Kit SSA
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Polished KN13PB
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl KB3SS
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl K5THSBP
Wire Whip K45WW

Kitchen Aid Classic Mixer Reviews: the Pros

The KitchenAid Classic boasts hundreds of highly positive reviews on Amazon. Here are the features consumers enjoy the most:


Many satisfied customers have commented on the strength of their Classic mixer’s motor.


. Classic Series (K45SS)
14-1/8″ D x 13-15/16″ H x 8-3/4″ W; weighs 25 lbs
. Classic Plus Series (KSM75WH)
14″ D x 13-15/16″ H x 8-3/4″ W; weighs 25 lbs
. Classic Ultra Power Series (KSM95ER)
14-1/8″ D x 13-15/16″ H x 8-3/4″ W; weighs 26 lbs
At 13 15/16″ high, the KitchenAid Classic fits under most top cabinets, and its weight makes it relatively easy to carry.

Optional Attachments

The fact that optional attachments can be purchased to extend the versatility of KitchenAid mixers is also a plus, enabling homemakers to use their mixer for tasks like grinding, making pasta or frozen desserts, shredding, etc., without buying separate small appliances.


Owners also appreciate the reliability of their KitchenAid Classic mixer, stressing how solidly it is built – in the USA to boot!

KitchenAid Classic Reviews: the Cons


This may be the Classic’s weakest point:
. At 4 ½ quarts, it has the smallest bowl of all KitchenAid stand mixers. While it can handle single recipes like a champ, it won’t always allow for double recipes (the Artisan offers greater capacity);
. The slightly narrower diameter makes it harder to add ingredients;
. The lack of a handle makes it more difficulty to empty as well as to remove it from its base.


Though the KitchenAid K45SS Classic’s 250-watt motor makes this mixer a true workhorse that can truly hold its own in the kitchen, it is not built to mix a lot of heavy dough. Serious bread or pizza makers may want to consider instead the KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer.


While the K45SS Classic and KSM95 Classic Ultra Power now come in a variety of colors to complement any kitchen, the KSM75 Classic Plus is still only offered in White.

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer Price

Amazon allows you to compare offers from participating merchants on the KitchenAid mixer Classic so that you can easily find the best price. Keep in mind that Amazon often includes free shipping when ordering directly from them.

Our Recommendation

The KitchenAid Classic is a perfect fit if you don’t bake for a lot of people, specially if you are not much into kneading heavy doughs. Also, a bowl with comfortable handle is much more user-friendly if you have weak fingers.

Love to bake bread or pizza? Have a look at the KitchenAid Artisan mixer. For a little extra, you will have a more powerful stand mixer, and you just won’t believe the colors…!

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