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Top 3 High Power Blender Brands

best smoothie blendersSo you’ve decided that a high power blender is just what you need to help improve your health and maybe achieve your weight loss goals in the most appealing way possible – smoothies making the top of the list. But not all blending machines are not created equal.

Only the best can really handle ice and frozen fruit and pulverize the toughest of greens with the simple touch of a button, in other words without the need for preliminary chopping or mincing. Three companies can be relied on to help you achieve power smoothie nirvana…


Founded in 1921 and the longest standing of the three brands, Vita-Mix Corporation was the first company to link whole foods to better health. In 1949, its founder William G. “Papa” Barnard created one of the first infomercials demonstrating how easy it was to adopt a healthier lifestyle using their machine.

In the early 1990s, the company went on to develop the first commercial blender. Thus the smoothie craze was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

In major restaurant chains, high-performance Vitamix blending equipment meets the toughest challenges every day without losing their ability to constantly fine tune textures, challenge after challenge, no matter what ingredients get thrown at them.

No self-respecting gourmet chef would dare show up without his/her set of finely sharpened knives backed up by – you guessed it – a revered Vitamix sous-chef! Developed for restaurants and smoothie bars, Vita-Mix 3HP super blenders can be used at home, though the commercial warranty only covers 3 years due to the amount of daily abuse they take.

But Vitamix has worked hard at developing an impressive line of powerful blenders for the home cook. Their slightly reduced power is more than enough to meet any challenge thrown at them in a residential environment with less extensive usage.

Their traditional C Series with the original tall container sport a 2HP motor, while the Next Generation G Series with Low Profile containers boast a 2.2HP motor with improved airflow coupled with sound dampening technology. They are rated at 1380–1440 watts.

While its blades can reach 37,000 RPMs, Vitamix proved that its machines can deliver just as efficiently when put to the task. Vitamix developed the Blend Quality Index (BQI) test precisely to measure performance under load and evaluate the degree of smoothness and homogenization achieved.

Using a container full of dry black beans and water and measuring the left over residue not fully blended, they found that “Vitamix performed ten times better than other top-selling blenders”. Though third party testing has been provided, no additional results could be found.

According to Vitamix, their blending system components work together to pulverize ingredients, creating faster, smoother blends, releasing and marrying flavors for a maximum tasting experience. Smooth textures that hide veggies from kids expertly… 🙂

Whichever Vitamix model you choose, a medley of dishes can be yours to serve in a matter of minutes: smoothies and juices, baby food, batters, dips and spreads, dressings and sauces, hot soups, nut butters, frozen desserts, non-dairy milks – and even flours and doughs!

The company even claims these little marvels can do food prep which they can, at a pinch. But you are inviting mushy results. Nothing replaces a food processor for that.

Still manufactured in Ohio where the family-owned company is headquartered, Vitamix small appliances are now sold in approximately 100 countries. Their 7-year warranty (can be extended to 10) on high power blenders covers parts, performance, and return shipping both ways. According to Vitamix, “fewer than 1% of the products in the U.S. currently under warranty have been returned to us for service”.


Blendtec was founded in 1988 by Tom Dickson of (in)famous Will It Blend? fame in Orem, Utah, where it still operates today. Using videos to demonstrate how their blending machines could destroy everything in sight proved a winning strategy. The Blendtec brand quickly became recognized across the globe, and their products are now sold in 90 countries.

Equipped with a 1,560-watt 3HP commercial grade motor, Blendtec blenders offer up to four times the power of smaller ones, providing great versatility – but not a quiet blender by any means! Blendtec engineers proved up to the challenge and promptly produced the Professional, “the world’s quietest” blending machine. Armed with a sealed sound enclosure, it politely enables you to maintain a conversation while it works. ;

Blendtec introduced the square jar designed to force ingredients up the side and then suck them right back down towards the blade for efficient processing. The container sits on a square base for greater stability.

Their warranty extends between 8 to 10 years.


While both Vitamix and Blendtec only manufacture blenders and are the two clear leaders in those appliances, Breville is certainly a contender, though it is better known for its juice fountains as well as other top quality small appliances.

Breville has earned a worldwide reputation for its top quality engineering. The Breville brand was created in 1932 when the two owners of a radio and mine detector company morphed their names. After the war, O’Brien and Norville turned their attention to small appliances, inventing the sandwich toaster in 1974. Less than half a century later, Breville’s small appliance stable has grown into over 20 CATEGORIES, and their products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

Boasting the highest possible motor rating (1,800-watts) coupled with unequalled noise suppression technology, plus an intelligent base that automatically optimizes performance based on chosen vessel (jug or on-the-go cup), their new Breville Super Q is brilliantly positioned to give its more established counterparts a run for their money – and at a competitive price all things considered!

perfect smoothie blender

What Makes a High Power Blender?

High power blenders range between 1,000 to 1,560 watts of power. To put things into perspective, a microwave might rate at about 1,000 watts, and a washing machine at 920 watts or so.

When looking for a heavy duty motor, always check wattage, not ‘Peak Horsepower’ (HP) which relates to laboratory testing of these motors, not their actual operational power.

The other factor to consider is performance under load, i.e. when testing takes place with food in the container which can cause speed to drop dramatically. A top-quality power blender will maintain speed, producing much smoother, more homogenized blends.

With power comes functionality. Apart from just blending smoothies (even the green ones), the top units in this category allow you to grind coffee beans or grains for gluten-free flour, make ice cream, bread dough, pancakes, dips or nut milks – and even create hot soup from raw vegetables in 1.5 to 6 minutes flat!

Top Blenders Features

. thermal protection override that shuts off the machine if it gets too hot, protecting the motor;
. fan to cool the motor;
. double bearing assembly (carbon steel) used to mount the armature, allowing for higher speeds and longer lifespan, and quieter than the bronze bushings usually found in low-power blending machines;
. solid die-cast metal base for increased protection and better noise insulation;
. container designed to help create a vortex to redirect food back towards the blades for constant processing. Note that high speed blender jars are always made of lightweight, scratch and stain resistant, practically unbreakable BPA-free polycarbonate. With hot liquids or blades spinning at up to 29,000 RPMs, glass would not be a good fit;
. all of these top appliances are also self-cleaning: a touch of soap in a little warm water, press a button, and you’re done – perfect for a busy lifestyle!

If you are only planning to mix soft fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries or green grapes, a regular blender is all you need. But if you’re dealing with frozen fruit or a load of ice cubes, then you need a heavy duty machine. Dependable versus disposable…

A power blender is long lasting because it has been well thought through, brilliantly engineered and carefully crafted. As a result, ingredients get processed efficiently, resulting in smooth blends free of chunks – in other words, the best blender for smoothies. No more bizarre bits to chew – just smooth as silk, healthy sipping for your body to lazily digest.

Nothing beats a heavy duty blender if your goal is to adopt a healthy lifestyle or lose weight. High end blenders may not come cheap, but they are built to last and definitely worth their weight in gold. No wonder they are backed by solid warranties that extend up to 10 years!

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