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COOKERS Reviews & Info

Electric cookers keep gaining in popularity as the go-to means of producing a whole array of fast, easy meals without ever touching your stove. Minimum prep time in the morning can ensure that a quick, easy, healthy dinner is ready for you when you come home. All at the touch of a button.

But it gets better. One pot cooking is also very handy when entertaining: it can take care of whole courses without supervision, plus your stove is now available for other tasks – timing issues solved! So why spend hours toiling away at the stove when either pressure cooking or slow cooking can free up hours of your time AND put delicious meals on the table?

What’s an Electric Cooker?

Electric cookers at workAn electric cooker is a small electric kitchen appliance used to heat and cook food. These cooking devices speed up the cooking process and help save on cleanup time by reducing the number of implements needed to accomplish a task.

Cooking vessels are either built in or removable for easy cleanup. While some of these one pot wonders have a more limited range (breadmaker, rice cooker), others like multi, slow, or pressure cookers are amazingly versatile.

Press a button, and these little sous-chefs just start cooking. 🙂[…]

Instant Pot Review

Instant Pot ReviewBefore you get started on our Instant Pot review, be warned that it’s hard to remain on the fence once you truly understand what this amazing kitchen appliance can accomplish. Introduced in 2010, over 10 MILLION units are already in use in households worldwide…

Think of the Instant Pot as an all in one cooking pot which speeds up cooking by 2 to 6 times while using up to 70% less energy. It contains all smells as it releases no steam and does not heat up your kitchen.

Super convenient, this quick cooker automates your cooking and produces nutritious, healthy food consistently.[…]

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