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Easy One Dish Meals You Can’t Mess Up

easy one dish mealsOur easy one dish meals are sure to come in handy, whether you have a family to feed or are looking for great meal ideas for one. Not only do they save you time, but each recipe also provides multiple servings – and let’s not forget the added bonus: less dishes to clean…!

The more often you cook these dishes, the more comfortable you will feel substituting ingredients and creating unique versions out of each of these meals.

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Use a set-and-forget electric one pot cooker to create amazing one pot meals in no time (it’s almost like cheating), or let ceramic cookware do the job. Lodge and Le Creuset make marvelous Dutch ovens, and Anolon produces excellent PFOA-free, restaurant-quality non-stick casseroles.

Nutritious, filling and packed with flavor, Chili is the perfect crowd pleaser. It is also the ideal dish to prepare if you want to make an enormous batch you can enjoy throughout the week. Add meat or go vegetarian, increase spiciness with an extra pinch of chili powder, or an extra helping of garlic or onions for a little more kick.

A Taco Pie is the perfect choice if you’re in a rush. Simply fry your ground beef in a skillet together with taco seasoning. Make it healthier by adding vegetables (tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc.). Pour into a premade pie crust, top with cheese and bake. Serve with helpings of guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

You can take a day off and make Lasagna from scratch, or cheat and use ready-made ingredients. Whether you choose to go vegetarian or the meaty version, using store-bought pasta and sauce saves a lot of time. Grate your own cheese, and let everyone assume what they will…

Sausage can be combined with just about any variety of vegetables to make a tasty dish which can be served either with rice or on top of your choice of pasta. Because they are made with a wide selection of meats as well as other ingredients like garlic, cheese, herbs and seasonings, it is easy to create umpteen variations of a basic recipe.

Everyone loves chicken, and it marries easily with all sorts of flavors and ingredients. So it’s no surprise that the following one dish chicken meals are always well received. Be prepared to serve second helpings!

Chicken Noodle Soup is always popular, specially when you’re feeling under the weather. There’s no denying that a big bowl of steaming chicken soup is always comforting, so why not make it into a full meal?

Simply make that meal richer by stuffing it with chicken, noodles and vegetables. You can even go slightly exotic and offer oriental variations such as Chinese Noodle soup or Vietnamese Pho Noodle soup.

Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables is another dish that requires very little preparation, yet combining these two ingredients results in incredible flavor and aroma. The fat from the chicken enriches the veggies, while they in turn add layers of taste to the meat. All you need to do is roughly slice your vegetables and use them as a base for your seasoned chicken on top.

Chicken also marries very well with fruity flavors. When everyday fare just doesn’t cut it, how about a one pot Chicken dinner with Mango and Couscous? Simply saute your onions and chicken, add mango and tomatoes, then chicken broth and boil. Finally add your couscous, and ten minutes later, you have a delightful meal!

Let your imagination run wild, substitute ingredients, and you’ll soon find yourself having fun creating your own versions of healthy, easy one dish meals in no time.

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