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Healthy Instant Pot Dinner Ideas

Healthy Instant Pot Dinner IdeasHere are three completely different Instant Pot dinner ideas that perfectly illustrate how one dish dinners are the ideal solution to eliminate the frantic pace of weeknight dinners. But dinner time is also when the Instant Pot’s versatility truly shines. It allows you to cook easy one pot dinners with minimal preparation and cleanup. Plus it offers a huge selection of main dishes you can prepare, from large roasts to a big batch of homemade pulled pork.

Side dishes are also no problem: rice and beans, mashed or scalloped potatoes, vegetables and so much more. Dessert? No problem. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Instant Beef Stew

With an Instant Pot, time is no longer an issue if you are longing for a delicious, healthy beef stew. It is simply a matter of searing your beef, then adding and sauteeing your vegetables before hitting Stew. Just walk away, and in less than an hour you have a wonderful meal for the whole family to enjoy at their convenience.

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup

With some shredded chicken made ahead of time (in your instant pot, of course), you have a choice of one pot chicken dinners you can prepare quickly such as chicken and brown rice soup. To your shredded chicken add some brown rice and your choice of broth and vegetables. Leave it to cook for about an hour and enjoy.

This is perfect for fall and winter meals when you want something comforting but healthy and filling as well. Selecting vegetables that are superfoods and combining them with brown rice makes this dish even healthier.

Refried Beans

Refried beans may not constitute a full meal on their own, but they are the base for many Mexican meals.

Add pinto beans to your pot, together with broth and some seasonings. Cook the beans down until they are soft enough for you to blend down. Cook for a few more minutes.

You can then create an Instant Pot beans and rice meal, combine with meat, or use as a vegetarian base for burritos and taco salads – a great Instant Pot vegetarian dish full of nutrients which is a great addition to a healthy diet.

These are just a few simple ideas for healthy, filling starter dishes which you can easily expand from. The sooner you learn how to use your Instant Pot, the better you will understand the great variety of options it offers. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself concocting healthy one pot dinners on a daily basis.

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