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Healthy Valentine’s Food Ideas

Healthy Valentine's TreatsHealthy Valentine’s food ideas are hard to come by. Visions of chocolate, red candy and rich desserts keep popping into your head, making ‘healthy’ and ‘valentine’ hard to reconcile.

Think of ‘heart healthy’ food instead, and suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Whether you are trying to lose or simply maintain your weight, or fighting to keep disease at bay, facing a day filled with tempting sugary treats and rich foods can be daunting. A little thinking ahead of time can put those worries to rest.

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Healthy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

How about looking at eating options from a different angle and coming up with options that are not only good for your health, but also tempting so that Valentine can be a day of celebration AND healthy at the same time. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day breakfast is loaded with sugar and very indulgent. But here are a few suggestions you may want to consider.

Red Heart Smoothie

healthy Valentine's Day treatsSmoothies are the go-to solution for busy people who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is vital that you equip yourself with the best smoothie blender you can afford. Believe me, nothing puts the smooth into a smoothie like a powerful blender. No one likes chunks in their drinks.

Of course, since it’s Valentine’s day, nothing can start the day better than a red smoothie. Pomegranates are among the top heart healthy foods and would be a perfect choice, but any red fruit would do: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon, or a combination.

A frozen banana would be a good starter to provide good consistency and nutrition, and feel free to add yogurt and your favorite superfood if you wish.

French Toast with Honey

Another alternative is French toast which could be a nice surprise for a special day. Use whole grain or gluten-free bread, together with almond milk and organic, free-range eggs to make this dish healthier.

Top with a dash of whipped cream made from coconut milk and serve with organic honey or natural fruit syrup.

Banana Pancakes with Strawberries

How about some healthy pancakes made with potassium-packed mashed bananas and eggs? Those are easy to make and can be simply topped with sliced strawberries. Better yet, make heart-shaped pancakes and top with a little clover honey.

Fun Healthy Valentine’s Day Lunch Ideas

If you’re pressed for time, treat your significant other to a heart healthy sushi lunch. Or prepare a surprise lunch to take to work: perhaps a chicken and chickpea salad served on lettuce cups or in a heart-shaped sandwich.

Pink Cauliflower Soup

If you’re hit with a cold spell, a warm cauliflower soup may be the perfect lunch break. Just make sure you use pink cauliflower. Powerful blenders can make hot soup in less than six minutes. Just blend the cauliflower and add a little cream for proper consistency. Finish with a touch of curry powder.

Low-Fat Chocolate Desserts For Valentine’s Day

You didn’t really think that we were going to skip chocolate entirely on Valentine’s Day, did you? That would be sacrilege at the very least, if not downright illegal. But there’s nothing to stop us from using low-fat chocolate or even better, one of the top heart healthy foods: natural dark chocolate.

Chocolate Crepes with Berry Sauce

If you’re going to indulge today, dessert is just the time to do it. Add a little cocoa to your choice of crepe mix and for the sauce, cook down some berries in a simple sugar base or cheat and use an organic berry sauce purchased from your local health store or the imported products aisle of your grocery store. Roll the crepes, add your berry sauce and enjoy!

Use these few ideas to impress and pamper. Remember, it’s the little things that count, and nothing can replace the personal touch or that very special thought that shows you truly care.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re both into fitness, you can get creative with healthy gifts instead of the mundane chocolate box: why not challenge each other to a run maybe in a romantic setting? Make it a distance you both feel you can achieve – this has to be a win-win situation or else you both lose…

While on that theme, a BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle for daily smoothies on the go might be encouragement enough to build healthy habits. And nothing like a Savvy Infusion Water Bottle to make plain water addictive and remind you to keep hydrated!

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