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Different Types of Smoothies You Can Make

Types of smoothiesNo matter what your taste in food or personal dietary goals, there are so many different types of smoothies you can make that you are guaranteed never to get bored. Nutritious, easy to digest, and a perfect fit to a busy schedule, smoothie meals make ideal meal replacements or supplementation. Clearly a win-win-win solution!

Most will agree that weekday mornings are usually nothing short of a demented rush. Between trying to get ready for work and making sure the kids hop onto the school bus, who has time or energy to prepare a nourishing breakfast for everyone to start the day on the right foot?

So let’s start with some fruity blends for fast breakfast ideas that are sure to please everyone.

Fruit Smoothie Combinations

Because everyone loves fruit, fruit combos are often the best starting point to familiarize yourself with smoothies and also provide an easy way to introduce children to blended meals. You can use fresh fruit with ice, or frozen fruit which is particularly convenient during the winter months.

Berries, grapes and honeydew are some really popular simple fruit smoothie ingredients which can form the base for creative fruit smoothie recipes for kids. Or how about a real treat like watermelon and mint for a really hot day? 🙂

The following vegan fruit smoothie combinations are sure to earn a few kudos: banana with blueberry or raspberry; peach and blueberry; strawberry with either pineapple, kiwi or peach. Citrus smoothies are also popular, orange (whole or juiced) being by far the most in demand.

For a high protein fruit smoothie, make sure you include banana or berries. You can also add some peanut butter, Greek yogurt, or perhaps a little chocolate – why not?

Bananas (frozen if you wish) are often used to increase smoothness or as a thickener. Another option is to add some milk or yogurt, or even a little peanut butter for a boost of protein and enjoy some of the best smoothie flavors ever.

Take the plunge and get started with some delicious fruit smoothie recipes.

Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Combinations

Use both fruit and vegetables for some of the best smoothie combinations you will ever taste. Kale, spinach and avocado are some classic ingredients for a veggie base. Popular combos you may want to try are orange carrot, spinach berry or avocado kiwi.

An unusual marriage of banana and romaine lettuce with perhaps a little coconut water makes a simple but delicious and healthy smoothie. If you want to experiment, spinach and avocado combine very well with all sorts of fruit.

Looking for a little added tang? A touch of citrus fruit might be all you need to take that drink to another level.

Keep in mind is that this type of smoothie offers an easy way to slowly introduce veggies to fruit drinks that kids already love. Let your imagination run wild and come up with gaudy monikers that get them excited, like ‘Green Monster’ or ‘Purple Goo-nosaur’. And make them part of the process of blending these fascinating drinks.

They just won’t know what hit them, and before you know it, they’ll become the most enthusiastic fans of your healthy blend diet! That is HUGE, because you’ve now created good, healthy eating habits that will hopefully follow them throughout their lives.

Up the bar and check our combos of healthy fruit and veggie smoothie recipes.

Best Tropical Smoothie Ideas

Yearning for some exotic flavors that transport you to your favorite island? Mango, kiwi and pineapple are the most popular tropical smoothie ingredients, guaranteed to produce flavors you will not soon forget. Apple and berries will seem so mundane…

For some amazing tropical fruit smoothie combos, start with a mango for your smoothie base, then add good complementary fruit like banana, berry, peach and/or coconut. Pineapple and banana also play well together.

For a tropical green smoothie, simply add your favorite green to the above: romaine lettuce, spinach, kale or avocado are good options. Feel free to add a little coconut water or juice for the right consistency.

Time to get hooked on some of the best tasting smoothie recipes – even if you’re miles from the ocean!

Veggie Smoothies

Sick and tired of cramming greens down your throat? Why not enjoy the same raw veggies and leafy greens, but drink your salad instead?

Healthy vegetable smoothies pack the fiber and nutrients you know are good for you and, best of all, can easily travel with you. Enjoy as a healthy breakfast on the go or a nutritious lunch that won’t leave you feeling stuffed or hungry by mid-afternoon.

Spinach, kale, chard, arugula, lettuce, cucumber, and even herbs like mint are popular green smoothie ingredients. And if you prefer a smoother drink but want to stick with a vegan green smoothie, an avocado would make the perfect thickener.

It’s like having your salad without having to eat it – and not a drop of bottled salad dressing in sight – which doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up occasionally…

So how about a savory smoothie, sort of like a drinkable cold soup? I’m thinking Gazpacho: a mix of tomato, cucumber, bell peppers and greens seasoned with onion and vinegar. Add a little liquid (maybe some chicken or vegetable broth), plus a little spicing, and blend. Instant Gazpacho smoothie!

Need help detoxing? Simply add raw beets and/or raw cocoa powder, and enjoy a red smoothie!

Feeling adventurous? Go explore and discover your favorite veggie smoothie recipe.

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