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French toast with pumpkinCan’t think what to do with that fresh pumpkin puree left over from your Thanksgiving baking? If you even thought of throwing it away, you’re about to be haunted by remorse…

Everyone loves French toast, and I’m sure you’re no exception. But did you know that you can make Pumpkin Pie French Toast with those leftovers you were so casually dismissing?

Now why would French toast and pumpkin flavor be one of those ‘perfect combos’? Now add some maple syrup… […]

Pumpkin MuffinsHealthy pumpkin muffins are always a welcome addition to a fall breakfast menu or for a quick snack. Here we use whole wheat flour and less sugar to make ours.

Another version below uses regular all purpose flour, but healthy pecans get added to a sweet, buttery topping.

Make your own fresh pumpking puree from scratch or used the canned version.

Either way, you’ll end up with a batch of delicious treats. […]

Pumpkin Crème BrûléeSure, pumpkin pie is the go-to dessert for Thanksgiving, but how about surprising your guest with an equally delicious though lighter dessert – something they won’t be expecting at all?

What is more satisfying than cracking that scrumptious hard caramel crust and diving through that sinfully creamy custard?

Can’t think of anything…

Prepare for some sharing – this is a dessert they’ll still be thanking you for come Christmas. […]

Pumpkin cheesecakePumpkin cheesecake seems the perfect dessert for so many holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… Come the first days of fall, and it’s like somebody pushes a button and all of a sudden, everyone yearns for something pumpkin-ish.

Have you ever known ANYONE who doesn’t just love rich, decadent cheesecake? Didn’t think so – so why not marry the two for the best Thanksgiving dessert ever?

But wait, am I hearing some moaning – something like cheesecake is really hard to make? Not at all! You can even use canned pumpkin […]

Pumkin pie from scratchMaking pumpkin pie ‘from scratch’ is a labor of love and takes time, but your taste buds will sure be thanking you! The pumpkin puree is made ahead of time, then the pie crust and finally, we combine the two for a delicious pie.

Fresh pumpkin tastes much better than its canned reincarnation, and it’s certainly healthier.

It’s not hard to make and when you consider that you can freeze some for later use, it is not only economical, but makes for good meal planning. […]

Wiener worms for a little creepinessWho doesn’t love a great hot dog, or maybe wieners for a quick, easy meal that tastes awesome? When you’re rushed for time, they are a perfect go-to solution that the whole family can enjoy.

But how about giving the traditional wiener a Halloween twist and turning it into creepy crawlers – worms to be more specific. That is sure to gross out just about everybody.

Arm yourself with enough ‘worms’ for each person, and let your imagination run loose. […]

Make black icing for HalloweenSure, you can expedite the whole thing and simply purchase pre-made black icing from your nearest baking store.

But why take the risk and more than likely end up ruining the taste of your baked goodies?

Making truly black icing is no easy feat, but here’s a simple way to achieve a dark, evil looking icing for your next Halloween masterpieces without compromising taste.

Bats, cat & hats – Booo! […]

Creepy Halloween SpaghettiIf your family is into pasta, why not surprise them with freshly homemade Halloween spaghetti – with a twist? How about adding a couple of oozing eyeballs to each plate

If nothing else, they’ll learn to give you a little ‘rispetto’ around creepy holidays. 😉

But kidding apart, wouldn’t that make a delightful Halloween dinner and break the monotony while infusing a little holiday humor into an otherwise pretty gloomy time of the year?

Let’s get started, shall we? […]

Halloween desserts with Anna OlsonWithout a doubt, Halloween desserts are the most looked forward part of a Halloween meal. Sure, candy and costumes are the highlight of the day, but trick-or-treating is no fun on an empty stomach.

The thing is, desserts are time consuming to prepare – specially when decoration is involved. And this special day certainly gives Christmas a run for its money on that score.

But Halloween is almost here, so there’s no time to lose! Which is why I am going to let Anna Olson take over with her wagon load of inspiration for Halloween goodies. […]

Best blender on the market?What is the best blender on the market, you ask. Considering the crowded kitchen appliance marketplace, it is a little like asking “What is the best car I can purchase?”

The answer really depends on what you want your blender to do. Do you want it to produce juices that will keep intact the nutritional benefits of whatever fruit and vegetables you are using, or do you prefer a thicker drink with perhaps less nutrition value?

That is why I have broken down this page into 2 major and popular subsections of blending: smoothies and juicing. […]

Blender vs JuicerWhen I decided to start juicing to give my health a boost in the right direction, I questioned whether I should get a blender or a juicer. I spent a considerable amount of time researching juicing machines, so that I could settle the ‘blender vs juicer’ battle going on in my mind and address which particular small appliance would best meet my particular needs.

There are quite a few brands and models to choose from, and not all will satisfy your particular requirements. I was surprised to learn for example that, if you want to juice for health reasons, only a select few juicers are designed to produce healthy juices that will support your goals. […]

Shopping online for a KitchenAid mixerKitchenAid Mixer Best Price Ever! Just where are these ads when you most need them? Heaven knows shopping for small appliances can be mind boggling. So many models and series to bear in mind… and then all those colors to choose from!

But not to worry, we have let our fingers to the walking and found out absolute gems in terms of pricing tips that will help you find deals like you won’t believe. What we have found is that one of the top merchants you can rely on to find an ongoing daily KitchenAid mixer sale is Amazon. Not only will you find prices to be highly competitive, but Amazon often offers free shipping as well which can make a big difference. […]

Best meat mixer for hamburger?If you are looking for a manual or electric meat mixer, you might not know how to compare one product against another.

Sure, you can quickly look at a price tag and determine whether or not one particular item is more attractive to you than another.

But what does that price tag really mean?

How would you compare a 20 pound manual appliance to an electric one that cost the same amount but only holds a couple of pounds of meat at a time? The answer is, consider your unique situation. […]

the perfect dough mixer?When choosing a dough mixer, you will run across 2 major types. You will be choosing either a pizza dough mixer or a bread dough mixer. Once you decide which one of those small appliances you want for your kitchen, you are either going to be purchasing a commercial or home use model. Here is what you need to remember to ensure that you choose the perfect dough mixer for your kitchen. […]

With the perfect cake mixer...Are you shopping for the perfect cake mixer? That can be tough because of the literally tens of thousands of choices you have.

I recently typed “cake mixer” into Google and the largest search engine in the world returned over 300,000 results! Yeah, that is a lot of reading and studying to do right there. […]

Juicer vs Blender?Stuck in the middle of a juicer versus blender argument? Perhaps you don’t have the finances to purchase two separate machines. Maybe you want to find out if one of these helpful kitchen products, a blender or a juicer, can handle the job of its counterpart as well. That would mean you could simply purchase one kitchen appliance instead of two, saving room on your crowded counter and putting a few dollars back in your pocket.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the juicer versus blender battle and see what we find. […]