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the perfect dough mixer?

When choosing a dough mixer, you will run across 2 major types. You will be choosing either a pizza dough mixer or a bread dough mixer. Once you decide which one of those small appliances you want for your kitchen, you are either going to be purchasing a commercial or home use model. Here is […] Read More

With the perfect cake mixer...

Are you shopping for the perfect cake mixer? That can be tough because of the literally tens of thousands of choices you have. I recently typed "cake mixer" into Google and the largest search engine in the world returned over 300,000 results! Yeah, that is a lot of reading and studying to do right there. […] Read More

Get a quiet blender already!

What started me on my quest for the best quiet blender I could find? I'll tell you, and my story might just be something you can identify with... I am happily blending away in my kitchen one day with my noisy blender. (And singing just as loudly to try and drown out the noise.) It […] Read More

Fiji Margaritaville Margarita Maker

Are you looking for the perfect margarita blender? If so, doesn't it just make sense to learn how to make frozen margaritas in a blender that is specifically created for that very task? That was my mindset when I went off in search of the best blender for margaritas and other similar frozen drinks. Here's […] Read More

the best blender on the market

What is the best blender on the market, you ask. Considering the crowded kitchen appliance marketplace, it is a little like asking "What is the best car I can purchase?" The answer really depends on what you want your blender to do. That is why I have broken down this page into 2 major and […] Read More

What is the best blender for juicing?

Choosing the best blender for juicing is tough. The reason why juicing machines were developed in the first place was because juicing with a blender usually does not work that well. With a spinning blade at the bottom of a long, deep jar, the blending and mixing process which works great for so many kitchen […] Read More

Juicer vs blender

Stuck in the middle of a juicer versus blender argument? Perhaps you don't have the finances to purchase two separate machines. Maybe you want to find out if one of these helpful kitchen products, a blender or a juicer, can handle the job of its counterpart as well. That would mean you could simply purchase […] Read More

Food processor versus blender

Have you ever wondered exactly which product would win in a food processor vs blender showdown? It usually depends on what you are trying to make, because they generally are used for different jobs. You will even find some companies make a blender food processor combo. For instance, there are several Cuisinart blender food processor […] Read More