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Instant Pot one pot mealsFixing Instant Pot one pot meals such as soups and stews is so easy that this electric pot is quickly becoming the appliance of choice to prepare all sorts of healthy lunches without breaking a sweat.

Not only can you use an Instant Pot as a rice cooker, but it’s also perfect for making pasta- and bean-based dishes that form the perfect foundation for midday meals, such as the ever popular Mac ‘n Cheese and Chili con Carne.

Want something lighter? Try boiling eggs to complement a nice salad, or make a batch of potato salad from start to finish. […]

different types of smoothiesNo matter what your taste in food or personal dietary goals, there are so many different types of smoothies you can make that you are guaranteed never to get bored.

Nutritious, easy to digest, and a perfect fit to a busy schedule, smoothie meals make ideal meal replacements or supplementation. Clearly a win-win-win solution!

Most will agree that weekday mornings are usually nothing short of a demented rush. Between trying to get ready for work and making sure the kids hop onto the school bus, who has time or energy to prepare a nourishing breakfast for everyone to start the day on the right foot? […]

Easy Green Smoothie RecipesFor a burst of energy that is truly addictive, our easy green smoothie recipes provide fast healthy drinks packed with nutritional value and easy to digest. And because very little energy is required for digestion, they are also an ideal meal replacement when recuperating from an illness.

Looking for vegan green smoothie recipes? Not to worry, you will find that most of the following will meet your standards! […]

Tropical smoothie recipesTropical smoothie recipes have become all the rage. No surprise there – who doesn’t dream of a tropical island vacation, specially when the tempo turns to hectic.

Switch your fruit smoothie ingredients up a notch or add a touch of tropical fruit to your green smoothie, and prepare to be amazed! There’s something about tropical fruit that simple elevates the experience. […]

Fruit & Veggie Smoothie RecipesOur fruit and veggie smoothie recipes offer blended drinks that are neither too sweet nor too bitter. Their well-balanced flavors are certain to please even the most demanding, as the sweetness of the fruit helps make some vegetables more palatable and kid friendly.

Here you will find some of the best smoothie combinations sure to please the most finicky palates – without the unhealthy sugar rush. […]

Making fruit smoothiesMaking fruit smoothies is the perfect way to incorporate fresh fruit in your diet quickly and easily. They can easily be used for meal replacement or snacking because they are portable. Real fruit smoothies are packed with flavor and popular with adults and kids alike, which makes them the perfect starting point for a healthier lifestyle.

Simple fruit smoothies such as a grape smoothie or a strawberry fruit smoothie can be made quickly by adding a little yogurt or milk for a delicious breakfast substitute. […]

Instant Pot beef recipesInstant Pot beef recipes use pressure cooking in order to maximize the flavor of the ingredients. From tender pot roast to juicy Swiss steak to tantalizing hot beef sandwich, it’s easy to find dishes that will appeal to the most finicky eaters.

Hearty one pot beef meals such as Minestrone soup or Boeuf Bourguignon are quick to satisfy the appetite and keep those taste buds happy. Cover a beef stew with a simple phylo dough crust, and you have a beef pot pie you can be proud to offer your guests. […]

Instant Pot chicken recipesHere’s a medley of Instant Pot chicken recipes we’ve put together which should keep you happy for a long time, if you happen to be crazy about chicken – and who isn’t?

It’s well known that chicken is the crowd pleaser par excellence, so you should find something to keep you happy no matter what you’re in the mood for – from sandwiches to pizza to curry and more. You’ll even find a few easy leftover chicken recipes in the mix to help bring a little variety. […]

Instant Pot soup recipesNothing can possibly be as warming as a big bowl of chicken soup if you’re feeling under the weather. It’s hard to find something as easy to make as comforting one pot soup.

Here are some Instant Pot soup recipes to get you started, but keep in mind that leftovers are without a doubt your best starting point, making them economical as well.

Serve with slices of warmed up French baguette or bruschetta for a fantastic starter – or perhaps for a light lunch or evening meal. Enjoy! […]

Instant Pot one pot recipesQuick and easy one pot meals are just the ticket for busy weekday dinners. After all, a dish that includes protein, vegetables and a starch will keep you going for a while.

But tasty one pot meals are also the perfect answer for stress free entertaining. Upgrade a few ingredients (such as replace green beans with artichokes in our one pot chicken dinner recipe below), add a little wine to the mix, and your guests will be singing your praise and looking forward to your next invitation. […]

Instant Pot one pot pastaInstant Pot One Pot pasta is a bit of a cop out in my humble opinion. I mean, who doesn’t just LOVE pasta to start with? But you know what, I’m not about to feel guilty about that. After all, who says you can’t take kudos for giving people exactly what they crave for in the first place?

Nothing answers comfort food cravings better than one pot pasta meals. Full-bodied flavors that have had time to develop, coupled with filling pasta – and so many combinations of sauces, herbs and spices that you never run out of options.

Here are some one pot pasta recipes that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face – pronto! Just be prepared for second servings. […]

Chicken Soup FlorentineInspired by classic Chicken Florentine recipes, this light and flavorful Instant Pot soup brings unique elements of its own.

Pureed white beans and a chunk of Parmesan rind contribute to its creaminess, while a bit of baby arugula introduces an interesting peppery green note to the overall flavor profile. The result is a delicious combination you’ll want to make again and again. […]

Chilled Cauliflower Leek SoupThis delicious chilled one pot soup is perfect for those warm summer evenings when you can’t imagine standing over a hot stove.

Replace the traditional bacon and cheddar topping with colorful edible flowers for a lovely dinner party starter.

Tip: Don’t care for the distinctive tangy flavor of goat cheese? Try substituting ricotta or mascarpone, or simply add an extra dollop of cream cheese instead. […]

Peach Iced Tea with GingerCan you think of anything more refreshing than a tall glass of lovely peach iced tea on a hot summer afternoon? Add fresh ginger, and nirvana is right at your fingertips.

A fruit iced tea is not just a great way to beat the heat this summer, but also a quick tea idea for an elegant garden party.

Using your Instant Pot, you can have it ready to sip in under 30 minutes! […]

Thai Chicken ThighsThese flavorful chicken thighs make a perfect one pot chicken dinner. Make more than you need and use the shredded leftovers in Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps – a quick and easy one dish chicken meal for midweek.

Sauce Tip
If you decide to add more peanut butter to the sauce, be sure to adjust the amount of liquid prior to cooking. If the sauce is too thick, the Instant Pot may not be able to reach adequate pressure. […]

Asian Beef & RiceThere is quite a bit of variation when it comes to cooking rice in an Instant Pot because the correct settings and cooking times vary from one type of rice to another.

According to the manufacturer, the “Rice” setting is intended for white or parboiled rice only. For the long-grain brown rice used in this recipe, use the “Manual” setting on high and set the cooking time to 22-25 minutes, “depending on your preferences and any local issues, like high elevation.” […]

Instant Pot Baby Back RibsThe Instant Pot makes these baby back ribs so tender and delicious you won’t believe how quick and easy they are to make.

You can use your favorite barbecue sauce, but the cinnamon and rosemary in our dry rub complement the flavors in this savory Dark Cherry BBQ Sauce perfectly.

Tip: For extra flavor, finish the ribs under a hot broiler for a mouth-watering, caramelized crust. […]

Homemade Dark Cherry BBQ SauceIn order to give the flavors a chance to fully develop, this homemade barbecue sauce is best prepared one or two days in advance.

This flavor-packed BBQ sauce combines the natural sweetness of cherries and maple syrup with the warmth of ginger, cinnamon, and rosemary.

It is a perfect complement to pork dishes – check out our Baby Back Ribs recipe! […]

Steel Oats Homemade Breakfast BowlsHere is a healthy breakfast idea that not only tastes great, but that you can dress up in seconds so that it looks super appetizing. Homemade breakfast bowls are all the rage, so how about an oatmeal bowl to start the day on the right foot?

And the best thing about it is that you can pretty much set and forget it while it cooks in the Instant Pot. This hot breakfast cereal is the perfect way to start a busy week day but also makes the ideal go to breakfast when company is staying over. […]

Creamy Rice PuddingThis creamy rice pudding is easy to make and so delicious, it just might become your new favorite dessert.

Finish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and maple syrup or with some fresh berries and whipped cream for a wonderful treat.

Or serve warm and for a touch of decadence, top this custard-like pudding with some homemade Blueberry Maple compote. […]