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Instant Pot chicken recipesHere’s a medley of Instant Pot chicken recipes we’ve put together which should keep you happy for a long time, if you happen to be crazy about chicken – and who isn’t?

It’s well known that chicken is the crowd pleaser par excellence, so you should find something to keep you happy no matter what you’re in the mood for – from sandwiches to pizza to curry and more. You’ll even find a few easy leftover chicken recipes in the mix to help bring a little variety. […]

Instant Pot soup recipesMaking soup in the Instant Pot can be a lot of fun, so why not let these Instant Pot soup recipes inspire you to create your own concoctions, perhaps from some leftovers you have in the fridge. You never know what brilliant combos you’ll end up with!

While it’s true that nothing can be as comforting as a big bowl of chicken soup when you’re feeling under the weather, you will astonish yourself with the ways you can marry flavors to create amazing starters.

Serve with slices of warmed up French baguette or bruschetta for a fantastic light lunch, or pair with a delicious panini sandwich for a more substantial evening meal. […]

Instant Pot one pot recipesQuick and easy one pot meals are just the ticket for busy weekday dinners. After all, a dish that includes protein, vegetables and a starch will keep you going for a while.

But tasty one pot meals are also the perfect answer for stress free entertaining. Upgrade a few ingredients (such as replace green beans with artichokes in our one pot chicken dinner recipe below), add a little wine to the mix, and your guests will be singing your praise and looking forward to your next invitation. […]

Instant Pot one pot pastaInstant Pot One Pot pasta is a bit of a cop out in my humble opinion. I mean, who doesn’t just LOVE pasta to start with? But you know what, I’m not about to feel guilty about that. After all, who says you can’t take kudos for giving people exactly what they crave for in the first place?

Nothing answers comfort food cravings better than one pot pasta meals. Full-bodied flavors that have had time to develop, coupled with filling pasta – and so many combinations of sauces, herbs and spices that you never run out of options.

Here are some one pot pasta recipes that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face – pronto! Just be prepared for second servings. […]

Peach Iced Tea with GingerCan you think of anything more refreshing than a tall glass of lovely peach iced tea on a hot summer afternoon? Add fresh ginger, and nirvana is right at your fingertips.

A fruit iced tea is not just a great way to beat the heat this summer, but also a quick tea idea for an elegant garden party.

Using your Instant Pot, you can have it ready to sip in under 30 minutes! […]

Steel Oats Homemade Breakfast BowlsHere is a healthy breakfast idea that not only tastes great, but that you can dress up in seconds so that it looks super appetizing. Homemade breakfast bowls are all the rage, so how about an oatmeal bowl to start the day on the right foot?

And the best thing about it is that you can pretty much set and forget it while it cooks in the Instant Pot. This hot breakfast cereal is the perfect way to start a busy week day but also makes the ideal go to breakfast when company is staying over. […]

Creamy Rice PuddingThis creamy rice pudding is easy to make and so delicious, it just might become your new favorite dessert.

Finish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and maple syrup or with some fresh berries and whipped cream for a wonderful treat.

Or serve warm and for a touch of decadence, top this custard-like pudding with some homemade Blueberry Maple compote. […]

Blueberry Maple CompoteWhile classic fruit compotes normally include large amounts of white sugar, this blueberry compote recipe relies on a modest amount of real maple syrup to add a touch of sweetness.

This compote recipe uses fresh blueberries, lemon juice and cinnamon, but feel free to substitute any combination of fresh berries and seasonings (and perhaps some lime juice instead of lemon) in order to create your own tasty fresh berry compotes. […]

Oven-Baked NachosFeeling a little peckish? No need to run to the nearest Mexican restaurant to enjoy a fulfilling platter of delicious nachos.

Oven-baked nachos are super easy to make right at home whether for a couple of people or for a crowd, which of course makes them perfect for Game Day… […]

Instant Pot breakfast ideasWhat better way to start a productive day than with a healthy, yummy Instant Pot breakfast that won’t leave you with a grumbling stomach an hour later?

It’s been drilled into us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it does come with its own challenges.

Schedules vary and there never seems to be enough time to make a proper breakfast. So why not entrust your one pot cooker with the task and take the opportunity to sneak in some superfoods while you’re at it? […]

Healthy Instant Pot dinner ideasHere are three completely different Instant Pot dinner ideas that perfectly illustrate how one dish dinners are the ideal solution to conquer once and for all the frantic pace of weeknight dinners.

Dinner time is when the Instant Pot’s versatility truly shines. It allows you to cook easy one pot dinners with minimal preparation and cleanup. Plus it offers a huge selection of main dishes you can prepare, from large roasts to a big batch of homemade pulled pork.

Side dishes are also no problem: rice and beans, mashed or scalloped potatoes, vegetables and so much more. Dessert? No problem. It just doesn’t get any better than that. […]

Easy weekday mealsFinding ideas for easy weekday meals used to be the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, an assortment of small appliances have been created to tackle the issue head on and have managed to do it rather successfully.

Let’s face it, after a long day at work, no one wants to come home and spend a couple of hours cooking – and certainly not five evenings a week!

One pot meals are becoming more and more popular as they allow a lot of flexibility with regards to ingredients and time spent on meal prep. […]

storing your small electric cookerOne of the first considerations people seem to have when they think about buying a small electric cooker is: where am I going to store it?

And that’s a fair question, because these small appliances are mostly associated with cooking things like stews, chilies and soups – mostly meals that are served during cold seasons.

But once you start using an electric cooker, you soon realize that there are a multitude of dishes that can be prepared easily and/or quickly depending on whether you are cooking with an instant pot or crockpotting. […]

Using a slow cookerUsing a slow cooker quickly became popular, as slow cooker pots offered a quick way of preparing a complete meal without a lot of hassle.

Everything could easily be prepped in the morning, get thrown into the pot all at once, and miraculously a warm, tasty dinner would appear on the table without anyone getting frazzled.

There are many reasons why slow cookers have kept gaining in popularity. The slow cooking process is ideal to tenderize normally tough cuts of meat, and these cooking pots do a marvelous job of bringing out the flavors of all the ingredients you include. […]

Easy Easter Menu & RecipesAt this time of year, an easy Easter menu and recipes is like manna from heaven. We’re still struggling to shake off the winter doldrums, and all of a sudden there is Easter staring us in the face.

Stress levels shoot up when it suddenly dawns that a whole lot of company is about to descend – and we’re nowhere near ready. An impromptu holiday somewhere exotic sounds just perfect…

And then we grab a hold of ourselves: time to face the music and dust off the slow cooker. Let it create some amazingly easy Easter meals this year! […]

Easy leftover ham recipesOne of the best things about Easter dinner is all the leftovers. One of the worst post-Easter hassles is figuring out what you are going to do with them. Here are a few easy leftover ham recipes to get you started.

Sure, you can enjoy ham and egg breakfasts and ham sandwiches for the next few days or weeks if you freeze some of it. But why not take advantage of your slow cooker and cook up some delicious meals that can be enjoyed over the coming days when you are too busy to cook.

Here are a few recipes using leftover ham I thought you might enjoy. […]

Easy Easter brunch with a slow cookerNothing like an easy Easter brunch to start a super busy, stressful long day of cooking. With the whole family expected for dinner, you’ll have your hands full, so why not give yourself a break and enjoy a healthy, easy slow cooker breakfast.

Sure, you had planned on using your cooker to cook all day, but why not put it to good use for yourself and time it to start breakfast for you the night before?

Nothing like slow cooker oatmeal to provide energy for hours – and you’ll be needing it! […]

Easy Easter side dishesHaving a few easy Easter side dishes you can easily add to the Easter dinner menu makes all the difference in the level of stress you’ll have to cope with, whether you’re simply cooking for a few friends or you’re expecting the whole extended family.

That’s where the slowcooker truly shines. No more worrying about having everything cooked in time or keeping everything hot. A portable crock pot also offers the perfect solution for a potluck dinner.

Keep it plugged in till your guest arrive, and you can go about your other preparations worry free. Another plus of course is that it leaves your oven free for baking dessert. […]

Easter hamHow the Easter ham hack came to be is easy to explain – just not so easy to explain why it didn’t happen earlier. Don’t you hate it when you’re expecting a boat load of guests, and the logistics of cooking a bunch of Easter dishes at the same time just won’t work. All of a sudden, a commercial kitchen seems like a good idea.

Even if you have dessert ready to roll, there are so many dishes that need to cook or at least warm up all at the same time: mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, sprouts, casseroles – plus that ham!

Pity cooks aren’t born with built-in timers… […]

Decorated Dyed Easter EggsDid you know that there are different ways to dye Easter eggs quickly, easily – and without bringing a whole new color scheme to your kitchen?

Everyone is familiar with the inherent mess that is associated with dyes. But there’s an easy way to get around that if you think strategically when you choose the vessel for this magical transformation.

If you have a mess of little helpers around helping you with the process, dealing with pots of boiling water is not a great choice. But why not get your slow cooker out of hibernation and use it to perform your magic? […]